Carol Anne Henry

EDEE 403


A native of both Carolinas, I was born in North Carolina where I lived until the age of 11, at which point I moved to South Carolina. I have two brothers and a sister, finding myself in the "upper-middle range" of sibling hierarchy. I love to read and write, and find fashion blogs to be much more entertaining than math homework or biology. I would do -almost- anything for a good doughnut or some fabulous macaroni and cheese, in addition to a nice new pair of shoes, my weakness.

I found myself pursuing a career in education after a broken dream and an inspiration. My first passion was forensic anthropology, but when I couldn't make the cut in terms of biochemistry, ew, I had to make a change. Looking into my past, I remembered a bright spot in my education that came forth from the attitude of my favorite 5th grade teacher. I realized that I could be that light for someone else, and from that, my career changed.

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I hate when the TV volume is left on an odd number....