Getting Back to School is Cool!

Greetings Parents

The little kinders had a busy weekend preparing for completing assignments on the homework binder.

Fun Friday Activities

What We've Learned This Week

Language Arts

1. L-Blends

We sounded words with initial blends ( bl,cl, fl, gl, sl, pl) through repetition and showing pictures of words that have initial L blends


The students defined the word “arctic” on their vocabulary notebook.

3. Sight Words


1. Numbers 1-100

2. Skip counting by 5s and 10s

3. 2D Shapes

  • We reviewed 2D shapes names (rectangle, square, triangle, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, circle, oval, star, heart).
  • The students drew a city.
  • They drew shapes- using a ruler -in their city pictures and talked about what shapes they made.


Hibernating Animals


Fine Motor Skills

They practiced writing L- blends as well as writing complete sentences on their writing journals and on their Phonics book.

Building a City with 2D Shapes

Talking about the City They've Made

Questions to Ask your Child

Language Arts

  1. Give examples of words with initial bl, cl, gl, and sl
  2. What does "arctic" mean?


  1. Skip count by 5s and 10s by snapping and clapping
2. How many sides and angles do the following shapes have: hexagon, pentagon, octagon, and diamond.


Name some animals that hibernate.

Spelling Activities

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January 12th

Kindergarten Breakfast (Intro to 1st grade) at 7:45-8:30.