Become a legend by:Cortez Fifer

Different sports you can play.

There are many different sports you can play like Football,Basketball,soccer,baseball,kickball,tennis,rugby,running,swimming,lacrosse,wrestling,
running, snowboarding,skiing,skating,ice skating,racing , dodge ball, softball,and jump roping.

Geting hurt

Getting hurt is really bad. I can tell you some stuff that can happen if you get hurt. You could get your arm broken, your leg broken,twisting your ankle and twisting your arm.That is why you should should not hurt you self hard because one of those things can happen to you if you hurt your self badly.


Trophies are what you win in a game. There are many types of trophies that you could win like MVP trophies,sliver trophies, gold Trophies.These are all the trophies that you when in many types of sports. My first trophy for basketball was a gold trophy for winning a championship

The most healthy sport

The most healthy sport is squash and it is healthy because you have to use your muscles when you swing the racket and you have to use your leg muscles when you run to hit they ball on the other side of the court and using your hands to hold the racket.
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Before you sign up for sports

Before you sign up for sports you have to be in shape and you have to work out really hard to be able to run fast or you will be really slow and you will lose lots and lost of games and you have to use your muscles when you play sports to and it helps a lot to when you truck someone out of your way so you can get a touch down and when a game.

Playing hard

Playing hard helps a lot so you can win lots of games to get to the super bowl and win the super bowl and you get a world series trophy because you worked hard and you played hard to win the super bowl and the super bowl is really important because the depends if you are a good team to play for the NFL and to win trophys.
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All the sports in the u.s.a

These are all the sports in the u.s.a to play for or the sports you watch on TV to see who wins and to play hard and to exercise and to be the best team on TV who is ever watching and to win lots of trophies.


Practice makes perfect because if you face someone better than you you can get better and better at the sport you are playing and then you will be good at that sport and you will want to even play better because you really like that sport and you really want to win game so you can be the best player/team in there league.

Following the rules

Following then rules is very inportant because if you don't play by the rules you will get kicked of the team and you will have to sit on the bench for half of the game and not play anything and probably going to lose games because you don't follow the rules.

Foot where

For most sports you need cleats to play in because if you you play in regular shoe you can slip on the ground and hurt your self in be injured for the whole game and you will have to miss a game because you did not were the right shoes to play in.

The right gear to were to sports

The only reason you have to were proper gear because if you just were regular clothes you can injurer your self and you will have to go home and your team losing because you got your own self injurer.
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Football gear

This is football gear to were at football to play in so you wont get hurt when you play.
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basketball gear

This is basketball gear you were to basketball.