Middle School Tech

January 2016

FID Days are here!

Many of you have asked for ways to record your voice and upload the file to the Google Classroom. There are limitless ways to accomplish this task, but here are a few to get you started:





It's also very easy to record your voice using an I Pad or your smart phone.

Need help with this? Just ask a tech leader!

Google Forms

Still not quite sure about Google Classroom, Google Docs, and all other Google Forms?

Click here to see 80 different ways to incorporate these forms in your lessons, classroom, and daily communications.


UDL: Universal Strategies to help ALL students learn!

Here are some quick, easy strategies to help bring UDL into your classroom.

Many of these can be accomplished through the use of technology!


Interesting article about technology in education...from a student's point of view!

March Madness and an AP Lit Class: Using Gaming in the Classroom

PBS Wold Explorers: Possible FID Lessons!

Pick your topic, select your grade level, find your resource!

Easy as one, two, three!

These lessons have videos and classroom resources to be used for many subjects on all grade levels.

Enjoy exploring!