Britney Spears & Drugs.

The princesses also fall...


The famous American pop singer and actress Britney Spears, has lost the control of her life because of drugs. Fame, family, social stress, ¿Are those good reasons to get into drugs? For Britney they were, she though drugs were the answer to all the stress that she had but she never though on the all the consequences that it would bring her.


She is a singer, dancer, songwriter, model, actress. She gained fame as a child to participate in the TV show The Mickey Mouse Club (1992). In 1997 he signed with Jive Records and two years later released her debut album, ... Baby One More Time. During his first decade in the industry, Spears became a prominent figure in pop music and culture popular. Their first two albums the established as a pop icon and broke sales records,
Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

Why did she get into drugs?

Many remember the beginnings of Britney as a pop icon, her rise from Disney starlet to international sensation placed her front and center in front of the entire world and that world is often an unforgiving place for many young people. However, because of his rapid ascent, Spears did not know very well handle his stardom and his plummeting is one of the most intriguing stories of Hollywood.

"Princess of Pop" suffers from bulimia 16 years, only during the period of pregnancy suspended the habit of constantly vomiting for fear that made him ill babies. The food problem, joined marriage and once things did not go well with her husband, and especially after the separation, the young singer was devoted to the holidays and light companies.

Promoting their fourth studio album and finally marrying dancer Kevin Federline, all in less than six months, the personal life of Britney Spears became a highly sought after target of the tabloids and paparazzi. The announcement of their separation from Federline in late 2006 an intense media offensive that led the singer to radically transform happened, which led to even lose custody of her two children in mid-2007.

Fame, family, and friend, all those are the mayor reasons that Britney Spears has given to use to get into drugs.

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Stages of her fame:

She did what?

Britney gotvinto deugs since she was 16 yeats old. She startes with alcoho and marijuana She stopped using them for some years, but after her divorce she returned to drink and started with amphetamines. Britney Spears shaved her head to avoid drug test because of her addiction to amphetamines.
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