Mount Everest Climbing

The highest mountain in the world with scenic views!

Tips For a Successful Climb

  • Allow yourself a couple of weeks at Base Camp to allow your body to acclimate to lower oxygen levels.
  • Get prior climbing experience!
  • Stay with the group at all times
  • Be in excellent physical shape
  • Respect the weather
  • Check with your doctor that you are able to climb!


  • Pay a climbers fee to Nepal
  • $4000 garbage deposit that you'll get back if you clean up after yourself.
  • Bring your own fuel
  • No harming or altering the environment in ANY way (Cutting trees, polluting, etc)
  • Permits required for climbing
  • Bring a radio just in case.

The Base Camps

Camps located on either side of Everest used by climbers during ascent and descent depending on their route. South Camp is in Nepal at 17,590 feet and the North Camp is in Tibet at 17,087 feet. After the Base Camps, additional camps follow, from 1, 2, 3, and 4, finally followed by the Death Zone and summit.
CREATED BY: Saaketh Maryala