Kyle Bostock


A leader with initiative is one who is constantly improving and thinking ahead towards future events or situations. This also means a leader who lends a hand in the actual work, not just one who gives orders and sits back as others do his/her work.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney had a discernible amount of initiative. He created new and exciting stories for both children and adults, making his imagination become a reality for the world to see. This took determination unmatched by many other artists of his time.
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Martin Luther King Jr.

Anyone who is brave enough to stand against the wrongs that are being over-looked in the world is surely a leader with initiative. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired hundreds of thousands of people to march with him against the racism plaguing the U.S. in their day and age.
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The General

The song 'The General' by Dispatch tells a tale of when a general took it upon himself to save his fellow soldiers from a grim battle that laid ahead. His sacrifice shows deep morality and initiative that led him to save the lives of many while giving his own to let them live out the rest of their youth.
The General- Dispatch w/lyrics