A Midsummer Night's Dream

By: Katie R., Sara S., JP M., Cal A.


Hermia and Lysander are trying to rest, but Hermia tells Lysander to give her some space. They then exchange little conversation and go to sleep. Puck comes into the picture and he talks about how he is searching the forest (for Demetrius), but can't find the man he is looking for. He finally finds him, to his thinking, and puts the magical flower on his (Lysander's) eyes. After waking up Puck makes sure that Lysander and Helena see each other. After Puck realizes that he put the magic on the wrong eyes he tries to reverse but only to come to a scandal arising between Demetrius and Lysander.

Puck Character Analysis

Puck is a servant for Oberon. He causes confusion by putting the love flower on the wrong persons eyes, and it changes everything. He puts the flower on Lysander's eyes to make him love Helena instead of Hermia and messes up everything by doing that. His laziness affects the conflict because he doesn't even check if he is putting the flower on Lysander or Demetrius's eyes.

Helena Character Analysis

Helena is Hermia's best friend. She is in love with Demetrius, and her infatuation with him causes Oberon to send Puck into the forest and put the love flower on Lysander's eyes. When Helena runs into the forest after Demetrius she sees Lysander, and when he wakes up he is in love with her. Her obsessing over Demetrius causes this whole situation with the flower to occur. When she is chasing after Demetrius, who is chasing after Hermia, Oberon sees her and feels bad for her, so he sends Puck into the forest to fix the problem. This only causes more problems between this group. In MND II.ii.72-MND II.ii.74 says, "Through the forest have I gone, but athenian found I none on whose eyes I might approve this flower's force in stirring love." This shows Puck's mission, and how Helena's emotions for Demetrius impacted Oberon's conscious.

Hermia Character Analysis

Hermia is Helena's Best Friend. Her and Lysander are in love with each other. After one night of finding sleep together in the forest Puck, looking for Demetrius, outs a magical nectar on Lysander's eyes causing him to fall in love with Helena. Hermia then comes to the senses of feeling betrayed and gets so irritated at Helena and Lysander causing a massive argument.

Lysander character analysis

Lysander is in love with hermia but one night in the forest, Puck, a magical fairy sent by the fairy king to make Demetrius, who is also in love with Hermia, love Helena. But Hermia's best friend Helena loves Demetrius, unfortunetly the feeling isn't mutual, thats why puck is sent to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena. Puck mistakes Lysander for Demetrius causing a fight between Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetius

Most Significant Quote

The most significant quote in this scene is said by Puck. They are lines MND II.ii.85- MND II.ii.86, and they state, " All the power this charm doth owe. He squeezes the flower on Lysander's eyes (Stage directions). When thou wakest let love forbid." In simpler terms this means, All the power this charm does owe. When he wakes let love forbid. This quote is important because it is the turning point of the entire story, it creates the plot. Without this event there would me no conflict.