Don't be a bully

don't just watch speak out.

here are some ways to stop it

Always help the victim

Be kind to the person
Care about peoples feelings
Don't just watch step in and stop it

Every second counts to stop it
Failed to stop it the first time you saw it doesn't matter still try the next time.

take a stand

Go find someone
Help the situation when it happens if you see it not after
Insert your actions to prevent the bully
Jump up and down do something crazy to try and get off that topic
Lift up there spirit by being kind to them and doing something with them like play catch with a ball

Manage the situation by telling them to leave

being bullied isnt fun but don't just sit there and take it stand up for youself

it only takes a little to stop but it goes a long way.

Nothing good will happen until someone steps up
Or if you think you might see something you don't want to get involved in tell your parent or teacher anyone you know.
Parents can be the best person to tell if it is happening outside of school
Quit bullying one person is all it can take
Run run with the person away from the bully
Strong be strong and do the right thing

prevent it from ever happening for to long

Tell someone
Usually no always, yo can stop the bullying
Virtually anyone can stop it
When you see bullying what would you do or should you do
X out everything the bully says
You never just watch do something
Zig zag say something random and leave