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October 15, 2021

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The world celebrates United Nations Day every October 24th to honor the international organization promoting human rights, social progress, and world peace. Founding the United Nations right after the very tragic World War II meant a very important idea to be embedded in every nation – that is to achieve peace. Julian Curtiss traditionally celebrates this day on the Thursday right before or after October 24th and I cannot think of a better place to begin to achieve peace than in our own little school here in Greenwich, Connecticut.

This Thursday, October 21st at 1 pm Julian Curtiss will be engaging in our signature event - The United Nations Day Parade! This is particularly exciting since we have not had the Parade since October 2019. We have been working on teaching our students the meaning of the The United Nations Personal Pledge Against Racism (shown below) and we will take the pledge together at the beginning of the Parade. We take the message of this event very seriously. We are a diverse school with 65 nations being represented in this year's parade. Many of these students are first and second generation Americans. If there is one event you attend it should be the UN Day Parade. It is truly an event filled with love and meaning.

Please spend some time discussing your heritage and background with your children prior to the parade. This day symbolizes our similarities and our differences, along with the fact that we come together everyday to learn and become friends. Students can wear traditional costume or the colors of the flag of the country they are marching with.

If parents of our kindergarten or first grade students would like to come to school to help their children with costumes they should arrive around 12:30 when all lunch sessions have been completed. You will have to take your child to one of the patios outside to help them get dressed. We ask that older children dress themselves. We are trying to keep the number of adults in the building down to a minimum.

Please spread out on the field when you come to watch your beautiful children in the parade. The children will be parading on an inner circle and parents should be outside the circle closer to the fence. You can find the cone that has your child's country on it and stand outside that cone. You will then be able to see your child. PTA members will be there to instruct you.

Lastly, please park in the back parking lot or out on East Elm street when you come to the parade. Arrive earlier than 1 and wait on the field for the festivities.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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In addition to our signature event, the UN Day Parade, the week ahead is full of activities that celebrate this event. All students will participate in a virtual assembly highlighting Diwali . Diwali is India's biggest and most important holiday of the year. The festival gets its name from the row of (avali) of clay lamps (deepa) that Indians light outsid etheir homes to symbolize the inner light that protects us from spiritual darkness. It is also marks the New Year in Hindu calendar.

Our presenter is the founder of The Cultural Tree, Ms. Anu Sehgal. Some of you may remember her from last year's author visit with Mr. Simran Jeet.

The virtual visit is on Monday, October 18.


The UN event requires the hands of many and I would like to give a very special thank you to our UN extraordinaires Jessie Bennett and Bob Chaney, along with the entire UN Committee who have been working tirelessly to organize this event. Thank you to our PTA for their hard work and support! The support of these hard-working, dedicated volunteers make our school a better place for ALL of our students!


Our Literacy Specialist, Dr. Grace Blomberg will become Dr. Grace Scaglione tomorrow!

Congratulations Grace and Patrick Scaglione!


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1.) We are receiving items that students forgot at home dropped off every day - iPads, backpacks, musical instruments. Students should remember their own school items. Check the calendar and pack up together each night. Leave the items by your front door. Please allow your child to face the natural consequence of leaving these items at home. The office has to disturb classroom lessons in order to call up and have students retrieve their items and this is disruptive to the learning in the class.

2.) Parents should call the office when there is an absence or when a student is going to be late. Many parents have been emailing and if the teacher happens to be out that day the email is not received.

3.) Students will be dismissed per instructions in the School Dismissal Manager. (Or, when necessary, an emergency call is made to the office before 2:15pm). If you need assistance with School Dismissal Manager, please call the office. 203-869-1896

4.) Parents should expect a form home in the next week or so asking for changes in emergency contacts, etc. Please complete this form legibly, the information is very important!

5.) Individual parents are now allowed to enter the building. If you want to come into the building to do some PTA work or help with an event we ask that you provide proof of your vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours of entering the building to or Theresa_McIntosh@greenwich,

If you want to send the proof fo us to keep on file you may do that also.


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Come Run Off That Turkey!

Please consider registering your family for the Greenwich Alliance Turkey Trot!

The Greenwich Alliance for Education supports a number of programs that benefit our students including the revamping of our Innovation Space, music lessons and many others.

Run For Your School Competition - The Greenwich school with the greatest participation wins a $500 gift card for PE equipment. Get involved and be sure to indicate your school when you register. This is also a Julian Curtiss tradition so get ready to register!

Register using this link:

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Julian Curtiss Magnet School of World Languages

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