All about me 😘

Rebekah Ebertshauser

All about me ❤

I'm 17 and I'm a junior that attends to scottsburg high school , not the greatest place but would never want to go to a different school.

On the weekends I'm with my friends at the rink skating. Been going there since knee high to the grass. I like mudding and fishing! can't wait until summer gets here!

I want to be a professional photographer and I also would love to be a therapist. (Which some people find weird) I like food ❤ I love to sing and listen to music <3

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Family ❤

I'm the youngest out of five . We're al just a little bit insane, I'm the only one left still in high school. I have 3 brothers and one sister. We all pick on each other but as soon as someone else does it your hit. My last name is pretty big in this town. My family is far from perfect but i promise you they would do anything for anyone. <3

❤ The worlds greatest best friend anyone could have! ❤

Cherokee Dawn Pruett

- This girl that your about to see is my best friend. I honestly don't know what I would do without her . she's been my best friend for the longest time now. She is so talented. And she's been there for me when I had nobody. But she never left my side. I love this girl more then anything and I'm so thankful that god blessed me with her because I honestly wouldn't be here without her.

Favorites 😍

- My favorite thing to do is Skate. I've been skating for about 13 years now.

- Also Another thing I love to do is hangout with my friends and just ride around and goof off.

- I love to eat. Food is life ;D

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