Caitlin's 9/11 Update

All About 9/11

9/11 was a sad day. Four planes crashed into American land marks. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, one in a field in Pennsylvania, one in the Pentagon. Terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed them into the land marks. Someone on flight 93 knew what was happening and fought the terrorists, and that's how the plane crash landed in Pennsylvania. This didn't make us weaker. It made us stronger.

David Lim

David Lim had a dog named Sirius. Sirius sniffs out bombs. When the planes crashed into the World Trade Center Lim thought that Sirius missed a bomb. When he found out planes crashed into the World Trade Center Lim was thankful Sirius didn't miss a bomb. Lim was one of the first responders. Lim is part of the Port Authority Police Department or the (PAPD), which was responsible for public safety. When he got to the World Trade Center he saw people jump out of windows, and he thought that it must be horrible for people to be to jumping out of windows. Someone jumped right in front of him. He thought if he were 10 feet closer then he would have been dead. The World Trade Center is supposed to withstand planes, because in 1993, terrorists attacked the North tower, and it didn't fall. All it did was kill 6 people and injured 1,000 people. Lim started going up the stairs. Warning people to exit the building calming. On the way up he saw a man in a wheel chair. He told firefighters to get the man down quick. When Lim was climbing, he heard that the South tower had fallen. He warned the people on that floor. He started going down when he saw some people that work with him. There was James Romito, Captain Kathy Mazza, Lieutenant Robert Cirri, and Josephine Harris. He told them that the South tower fell. They all began going down. Then the floor shook, and they fell. Two men covered Josephine, and then the tower collapsed on them. Lim coughed and thought that if he were dead he wouldn't have coughed. Someone asked if they were okay. One guy had a concussion, so Lim strapped him down and tied him to a pole. Lim tried to call about Sirius, but all he could connect to was Diane. He told her he was okay. Lim saw a hole. He told someone to help him dig. He dug and dug. Then they were free. He gathered all of the people that were alive and told them to get out of the rubble.
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The Extra View

Lim's wife Diane was watching the news when he North Tower fell. After the towers fell, she called her father and said, "I think my husband died." Her dad said he would pray for Lim. A few minutes later she got a call from Lim saying he was okay. Diane called her dad and told her dad he was alive. Her dad said, " Our prayers never work that fast."
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Three Months Later

Lim was home when his son asked him were Sirius was. Lim said to him, "They are looking for him." Six weeks later he went on part-time duty working for the (PAPD). One day he got a phone call that Sirius was dead. A guy told Lim if he wanted look at his remains he could. Lim told him he didn't want to. Lim wanted to remember Sirius as he was when Sirius was alive, not when Sirius was dead. At the funeral, Lim was handed the American flag. Lim fell to his knees and started to cry. The medical examiner didn't show any emotional feeling when looking at the body parts up until then. She got down with Lim and also started crying. Lim and Sirius were so close, and he was gone. Lim couldn't believe that he was gone. It was heart breaking. Someone asked Lim if he wanted to go ahead and do the memorial for Sirius. Lim said no because he didn't wan't people to think he would put his dog above the people that died during 9/11. Lim did the memorial at the same time as the people that died. A few weeks later he got a new dog. It was a black Labrador Retriever. Lim and his family named him Spring. Lim was promoted to Sergeant, and Spring was promoted to be the family pet. Lim soon retired on his terms.
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My name is Caitlin, and I am a triplet. I have three brothers and one sister. I try to have as much fun as I can, because life is short. My great aunt was in the Twin Towers. Her name was Sue. Thanks to all of the PAPD and fire fighters she survived. I would not have seen her if she had died. But, she didn't die in the 9/11 attack.