Plantmazing Amusmentplant Park

Where you can "ROOT" us to the ground

Plants, Plants, Plants EVERYWHERE!!!!

2 plants in one? Some poeple said its not posiable. Well now it is, a amusment park that teaches you about plants!!!! In the ammuusment park it shows moss a nonvascular plant growing on a vascular plant. If you come to the amusment park you'll learn the parts of a vascular plant!!! If you come on days that end in y you can get a exclusive bonus part telling about the parts for reproduction!!!! SO come on any day that end in y!!!!

Everyday that ends in Y, were open!!!!!!

Vascular Plant Parts Stigma-Catches the pollen

Steam-Support the plant Style-The part where the pollen goes down

Peatls-Attract the insects Ovary-Where the egg is fertilized

Stamen-Male part Ovual-The cell that helps fertilze the egg

Pistal-Female part Anther-Where the pollen is made

Filament-holds the anther

Quote by Jacia; This amusment park is the BEST!!! Now I know what a vascular plant is.

New fun Science!!!

Extra FUN info!!

Hibernation-When animals sleep during the winter

Migration-To move to another place during a cold period

Courtship-The process of mating

Were all Plantastic!!!!