Siberian Tiger

A fierce, endangered beauty

Food Chain

The Siberian Tiger's diet includes deer, wild boar, elk, lynx, bear, fish, rabbits, and hares. They find their food in forests, and/or water. They are predators and they are only prey to humans.


The Siberian Tigers are found throughout Western and Central Asia. These beautiful tigers live in lush forests and jungles. This is a nice habitat for them because the water over there attracts many of their preys. Their habitat's climate is temperate. Their homes are dens. This is useful because they can hide out in their dens and wait for prey to come across.



Siberian Tigers are mammals. This means that they are warm blooded, lay no eggs, and cannot live in water. These fierce tigers have a very unique body covering. They have orange fur with black stripes. Because of the stripes they can camoflauge. The male tiger can wiegh up to 700lb and females up to 400lb. Their size is 7.8ft - 12ft. They communicate by vocalizing and body gestures.


some structural adaptations for sibrian tigers are: long front legs to help them jump further, a flexible backbone to help catch prey faster, and sharp retractable claws for catching prey. others are their stripes that help them camoflauge from unexpecting prey. Siberian Tigers have strong jaws, camoflauge, and great hearing. They are speedy, qiuck and strong. when stalking a prey they hide then ambush their prey.


reasons for endangerment

There are only 400-500 siberian tigers left in the world, and they are considered endangered by IUCN's red list. one reason for endangerment is loss of habitat due to deforestation. In addition, tigers are poached, or illegally hunted, for their fur and body parts that are used for traditional medicine.


critical information

Efforts have been made to curb poaching of tigers and to protect tiger habitats. Many countries, including th United States, have created laws that outlaw the importation and selling of tiger parts. There are also breeding programs to help sustain the tiger population. You should help these tigers because they are endangered and innocent.