novio boy

by gary soto


Rudy wanted to go out with Patricia, but he cant talk to her because he doesn't have enough confidents, so he asked his friend Alex for advice, then Rudy goes on a date with Patricia and everything worked out perfect.

The theme is,it doesnt matter how old you are evidence:you dont mind if i'm younger.Of course not.

Conflict: Rudy is afraid to talk to Patricia man vs. self

Evidence: She's older than me and good-looking

Inner conflict: Rudy doesn't have enough confidents man vs. self

Evidence: What am I gonna talk about?

External conflict: Rudy mom doesn't want him to date Patricia man vs. man

Evidence: Mother: That's good. You should get out of town I mean you're young. You should travel. Maybe to Mongolia, or Saudia Arabia, or Timbuktu. Somewhere far, far, away.

3 main characters



  1. Privacy-is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves


2.Daring-brave enough to do dangerous things

synonyms-bravery, courage

3.Baffled-totally bewilder or perplex

synonyms-confused, confound

fravorite quote

hijole! Pat is pigging out and I'm pecking on crackers like a parrot

Explain why?

because I think that is funny that the girl is ordering all the food mostly the guys do that and I just think that is really funny.