The bubble gum

English submission- Rom Turgeman & Aya Magal

Thousands of year ago

people chewed gum in the natural form. The most common type of ancient chewing gum were tree resin lumps, various sweet grasses, leaves, grains and waxes also.

the history of the bubble gum

in 1848, John Bacon Curtis creates first commercial gum called Maine Pure Spruce Gum. after, on February 14, 1871 Thomas Adams receives first patent to manufacture gum and patented machine to create gum. in 1870’s- Adams and Sons sells “Sour Orange” flavored gum as a desert.also' in 1880 William White combines sugar and corn syrup with chicle to fix the problem of holding flavor and created a peppermint flavored gum called Yucatan gum. in 1888 Thomas Adams gum “Tutti-Frutti” was first gum sold from a vending machine.yet, in 1891 William Wrigley founds Wrigley Chewing 1893 Dr. Edward Beeman adds pepsin powder to gum to serve as a digestive aid. during 1899 Dentyne gum is invented by Franklin V. Canning. in 1906 Frank Fleer invents first bubble gum called Blibber-Blubber gum, but was too sticky to enjoy. in 1914 Wrigley and Henry Fleer add mint and fruit extracts to chile based chewing gum to create Wrigley’s Doublemint. afterwards 1928 Walter Diemer (accountant for Fleer Gum Company) accidently founds bubble gum that is not sticky called “Double Bubble”.also 1950’s Sugarless gum is introduced.later, in 1951 Topps Company adds bubble gum to packs of baseball cards Late.and in 1960’s First sugarless bubble gum called “Blammo” is introduced Thousands of Years Ago- People chewed natural gum.