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for the Week of September 11th

Reminders from the Principal

Any teacher leaving campus during their break or at other times are required to speak to an administrator prior to leaving AND sign out in the front office. This is a non-negotiable.

Lesson Plans and Parent Contacts are due Sep 8 via EMAIL to your designated administrator. Lesson plans should cover through September 22 and parent contacts through Sep 7. Math teachers see Ms Pezeshkmehr for the lesson plan template. LDC teachers (English, Science, Social Studies, ect...) see Ms Hoggle/Ms Sears for the lesson plan template. Do not forget that all teachers are required to administer a unit assessment every 4.5 weeks and they must be labeled as a unit assessment in your gradebook. Progress reports go out Sep 12. Any grades you want to have included must be posted by Friday Sep 8.

We will not have a faculty meeting the next two Tuesdays as we get ready for the SREB visit Sep 11-13. We WILL have one Sep 19 so plan accordingly. The expectation is that all teachers will be in the conference room (or meeting location) within 10 minutes of the tardy bell so that we can begin on time. I will be sending out some things to those teachers who were off campus Aug 7 & 8 for PD that everyone else completed that are required. Some of this will require the watching of a video. If you were off campus those days for PD, look for it over the next week.

September is Attendance Month so please begin stressing to students the importance of being at school every day. We are working on an incentive based on attendance that will also help our numbers for staffing next school year. Students who have perfect attendance for the month of September and have a minimum 80% average for the semester on their classwork/homework will be eligible to exempt one 1st semester diagnostic as long as they have a "C" average in the class for the semester. Please stress these two items to your class. September is especially important as the 20 days after Labor Day determine staffing for next school year.

As we begin the Fall Administration of the Scantron, make sure to stress to your students the importance of doing their best. A learning target will be created by Scantron for each student based on this Fall administration. Students who surpass their learning target (in Reading, Math or Science) on the Winter administration and have a "C" average in the class will be eligible to exempt their 1st semester diagnostic in English/Reading and/or Math (Plus Science in 7th Grade).

The current Panther Pass Menu was published to parents in the 1st Nine Weeks Newsletter as well as on the school website and Facebook page.

I need to remind ALL staff members of a couple of things: 1) all staff members are required to remain on campus during the work day unless they have permission from an administrator to leave (teachers must sign out in the front office and classified must clock out), 2) All staff are responsible for electronic communications and items shared through the google platform. A copy of the current staff handbook for HMS is on the google drive. We will be adding additional documents as the year progresses. I did not read my email or did not know how to access the google folders is not an acceptable excuse.

Important Reminders for the Week of September 11th

Sep 11 - All staff timecard corrections and approvals due by 3 PM

Sep 11 - Go For the Gold T-shirts on sale through Sep 15

Sep 11-13 - SREB Technical Assistance Visit

Sep 12 - NO Faculty meetings this week

Sep 12 - Progress reports go home today

Sep 12-13 - HMS Girls Basketball tryouts after school in the gym

Sep 12 - PTA Meeting in the lunchroom

Sep 5 - FBLA Meeting after school in Business Tech Lab

Sep 5 - HMS Volleyball vs Oak Grove

Sep 6 - FCCLA Meeting after school ins FACs classroom

Sep 6 - HMS Volleyball (8th Grade only) @ Bessemer City

Sep 7 - PLUS Day Collaborative Meetings with Science Department

Sep 14 - HMS Football

Sep 7 - HMS Volleyball vs Briarwood & Chelsea @ Chelsea

Sep 15 - Grades must be posted to Chalkable by 3 PM

Sep 15 - Boys Basketball Tryouts after school in the gym

Sep 15 - HHS Football

Sep 16 - JUNA Fundraiser at Bob Sykes BBQ in Bessemer 11 AM until 9 PM.

Sep 25-27 - HMS Cheerleading Clinic in HMS Gym

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Lesson Plan, Unit Assessments & Contact Log Administrators

  • 6th Grade teachers, Poe, Finch, Overton, and Owens submit to Mr. Anders via email.

  • 7th Grade teachers, Gonzalez, Moreno, Evans, Williams and Channel submit to Mr. Powell via email.

  • 8th Grade teachers, Cerka-Wilkes, A. Smith, Kunath, Whitfield and Richards-Broome submit to Dr. Foster via email.

Parent Contact Log Calendar

  • September 22 (LP Sep 25 – Oct 6, PC through Sep 21)

  • October 6 (LP Oct 10– October 20, PC through Oct 5)

  • October 20 (LP Oct 23 – Nov 3, PC through Oct 19)

  • November 3 (LP Nov 6 – Nov 17, PC through Nov 2)

  • November 17 (LP Nov 27 – Dec 8, PC through Nov 16)

  • December 8 (LP Dec 11 – Dec 19, PC through Dec 7)

  • December 19 (LP Jan 8 – Jan 19, PC through Dec 18)

  • January 19 (LP Jan 22 – Feb 2, PC through Jan 18)

  • February 2 (LP Feb 5 – Feb 16, PC through Feb 1)

  • February 16 (LP Feb 20 – Mar 2, PC through Feb 15)

  • March 2 (LP Mar 5 – Mar 16, PC through Mar 2)

  • March 16 (LP Mar 19 – Apr 6, PC through Mar 15)

  • April 6 (LP Apr 9 – April 20, PC though Apr 5)

  • April 20 (LP Apr 23 – May 4, PC through Apr 19)

  • May 4 (LP May 7 – May 24, PC through May 3)

  • May 25 (PC through May 24)

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