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Intro To Holocaust- Hitler Started To Kill Jews And Send Them To Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps- A Place Were Stayed And Got Tortured

Anti-Semitism- Hating Someone

Ghettos- A Really Bad Part Of Town

Barrack Number 6

Solomon Radasky was fortunate to be housed in Barracks No. 6 in Auschwitz I, the original Polish labor exchange and Polish Army Barracks. Conditions in Auschwitz I were superior to the vast Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Many of the brick barracks of Auschwitz I were originally single-story buildings, and they were given a second story and a spacious attic to accomodate an early expansion of the camp. The appearance of Auschwitz I is rows of neat brick buildings surrounded by the ever-present electrified barbed wire.

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Tattoo Of An ID Number

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Lists The Name Of Prisoner Solomon Rasasky

This is an original document from the archives of the National Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau which lists the name of prisoner Solomon Radasky (Slama Radosinski) Auschwitz No. 128232. It documents Mr. Radasky's arrival at Auschwitz and his quarantine prior to starting work at Auschwitz-Buna. Buna or Auschwitz III was a vast labor camp dedicated to the manufactuing of synthetic rubber. Despite a monumental effort, deliberate cruelty and the murder of thousands of slave laborers no industrial quantity of synthetic rubber was ever produced at Buna.

Holocaust survivors tell the world what happened in Auschwitz