Attention everyone! Emma's back!

And she has her personality results!

She's a Campaigner!

Just last night we received news that the celebrity Emma was making a pit stop in her hometown of Springfield, MO. Not only that, but she has her personality results from the Myers-Briggs test! She was 49% extraverted, and 34% intuitive. As well as 28% feeling, 27% prospecting, and 62% turbulent.


I had an interview with Emma a couple of days ago, and she told me what it was like taking the Myers-Briggs survey. This is what she says: "It was fun. It was pretty long, but I still liked it. I felt very pressured by myself to choose the answers that I thought would give me the best result, when I should have been giving honest answers. I mean, if you answer truthfully or not, I think that either way surveys like this can be inaccurate."

Contact Emma!

If you would like to get into contact with Emma while she is here, all of these contacts lead straight to her manager or her manager's office.