Geo-Inquiry Process

A National Geographic Certification Workshop

What is Geo-Inquiry?

The Geo-Inquiry Process relies on using a geographic perspective, offering a unique lens to analyze space, place, and the interconnections between both the human and natural world.

Using both a geographic perspective and the Geo-Inquiry Process students begin to connect complex components, see patterns, and make connections that change their communities.

National Geographic Certification Workshop

Monday, June 18th, 8pm to Tuesday, June 19th, 4pm

Illinois State University, North University Street, Normal, IL, USA

Building and Room # TBD

Who Should Apply?

Do you believe in empowering students to think like explorers? In building geographic competency across disciplines? In inspiring students to be global thinkers who can change the world? If so, join the company of other National Geographic Educators.

The National Geographic Certification Program inspires educators to teach students about the world in innovative and interdisciplinary ways. The program provides professional recognition and development; builds connections and develops a community of like-minded educators with access to resources and perks from National Geographic.

Yes! I want to become a National Geographic Certified Teacher.

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This workshop is proudly sponsored by the Illinois Geographic Alliance

Dedicated to the Teaching of Geography in the State of Illinois

Our purpose is the promotion and enhancement of geographic knowledge in the schools and among the general populace of Illinois. To achieve this purpose, the Alliance maintains a strong grassroots organization of geographic educators from schools and universities, participates in educational reform at the district, state, and national levels. We engage in an active program of preservice and inservice teacher education, develop curriculum materials based on the National Geography Standards, and foster public awareness of the importance of geography in our society.