What's Happening in Third Grade

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"Light yourself on fire with enthusiasm and people will come from miles around just to watch you burn! ~DB

Wow! What a great year this has been so far! Third grade has been super busy doing lots of fun things all while learning! We've had a fun field trip to the State Fairgrounds, interesting guest speakers, projects galore, and tons of other great things! Check out our pictures below to get a little glimpse into our rooms! Enjoy!

Elephant Adoptions

Thanks to Krissy Schenck and her sister, every third grade classroom will be adopting an elephant! The kids have loved getting updates from Kenya about their elephants!

Market Day

As a whole grade level, we are currently in the midst of our Market Day PBL. Students are working to great a good or service and sell it to their peers. Throughout the process, students are learning how to run a business and are writing their own business plan! The kids can't wait to open their "stores" the day before Christmas Break!

Field Trip Fun

We had a great time on our field trip to the State Fairgrounds. We learned a lot about natural resources and the importance of farming!

Shipping For Survival

Students were given the task of designing a box that would safely carry a flower through the USPS. They had to decide how to build a box, what should go in it, and how to keep water on the flower, but not on the box. When their boxes were complete they had to weigh them and calculate how much postage would be needed. Lots of fun and learning during this PBL!

Genius Hour

Third grade students have been exploring and learning more about many different interests during Genius Hour time. This is most student's favorite time of the week!

Mystery Skypes

Mrs. Johnston's class has been busy Skyping with several other states. They have been learning so much about how different our states, schools, and classrooms can be...and how they are also very much alike!