By Veronica Roth


"The next big thing." ~Rolling Stone

"Roth knows how to write. The novel's love story, intricate plot, and unforgettable setting work in concert to deliver a novel that will rivet fans of the first book." ~Publishers Weekly

"Insurgent explores several critical themes, including the importance of family and the crippling power of greif at its loss. A very good read." ~School Library Journal


Between all five factions the capitol is located in futuristic Chicago. Lake Michigan is dried up and no longer exists. The buildings that used to be there are now crumbling. The Sears Tower is no longer in use and unrecognizable.


In a futuristic Chicago a war has begun. Tris decides to make many sacrifices and even puts her life on the line. Alliances have been made between the factions and some factions have split in half. It is hard to trust anyone even the people she loves. tris learns that even family can be your enemy. Intelligence is making the Erudite strong, and the lack of it is keeping the other factions weak.



Final Reflection

All books are written for a purpose with specific themes in mind. What might be some possible themes in your novel?

Tris is strong and independent because she sticks with what she thinks and sometimes puts herself in danger. She also challenges the status quo. Examples of her strengths and independent choices cause positive changes in Tris's enviroment.
Also, in your opinion, why did the author choose to write this particular book?what was the big lesson to be learned?

In the end of the first book, Divergent, the war had just begun. This book had made it easier to understand why the war started in the first place. It also showed that sometimes Tris couldn't trust the ones she loved most. She had to choose what was best, even if it meant going against her friends.

About the Author

Veronica Roth was born in August 1988, in New York. Started writing the Divergent series in college and now is a full time actor. Lives in the Chicago area. She went to school at Carleton College and Northwestern University. Veronica is mostly known for her Divergent trilogy. The Chicago area has inspired Veronica of the settingof all three books. Her books have earned her awards. The Goodreads 2011 Choice Award and Best of 2012 for young adult fantasy and science fiction are some of the awards that she has gotten.

Hannah S