Prairie Phoenix Academy Newsletter

December 8, 2022

Letter from the Principal

Greetings PPA students, parents, caregivers, and community,

I would like to share with you a moment of gratitude and appreciation for all that you do for the PPA family.

The first few months have been amazing within our new space. Staff and students are building upon a vast amount of college and career pathways that are student led. Scholars are learning about apprenticeships, trades, and internship opportunities, along with college and scholarship opportunities. The students are working hard toward post-secondary planning.

Again, I thank you for your continued support and hope.

Ms. Sconiers

Math Activities

  • In geometry students have been learning about geometric constructions and circles. They have been applying geometry they have learned to make some beautiful art!

Classroom Adventures

  • Day of the Dead : Students in the Day of the Dead class ended the round of workshops with a Day of the Dead celebration. We had delicious Mole made by a PPA parent and even had a Day of the Dead tres leches cake. Students had fun reflecting on their learning and celebrating this important holiday.

  • Hugga Mugga Cafe Financial Team : Students have been working on algebra concepts related to opening up our very own Hugga Mugga cafe. Most recently, we researched cafe prices around us and came up with competitive pricing. After the prices were made, students simulated weekly profits. They used this data to come up with a reasonable profit goal for the cafe. Students who are part of the financial team are looking forward to keeping track of income, expenses and profit once the cafe is up and running!

JAG Happenings

  • Financial Literacy–In JAG this workshop round, we are learning the differences between credit and debit, and how to build your credit! We have also created budgets, discussed taking out and paying back student loans, and investing our money.

  • Career Association is starting! This is a student leadership opportunity for students with a chance to go to Orlando, Florida.

  • Students will have the opportunity to virtually explore multiple career paths including: Nurse Practitioner, Flight Nurse, and Vet Tech.

  • Students were visited by a PPA alum to talk about her career path as a Paralegal.

  • Students will be attending a field trip to learn about car detailing.

GEDO Notes

We are studying for students’ next GED exams, on an individualized basis.

Bus Information

Reminders For Morning Bus Riders

As cold and snowy weather is upon us, here are a few reminders for students riding the bus in the mornings:

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled pick up time.

  • Wait on the sidewalk or close to the curb if there aren’t sidewalks. Stay out of the road and others’ yards.

  • Don’t cross the road until the driver signals and the bus comes to a complete stop before attempting to board.

Students must have their bus tag with them when riding the bus. Replacement bus tags can be picked up at the school. A photo of the bus tag on their cell phone is acceptable. Students may be denied if they don’t have a bus tag and the driver doesn’t recognize them.


Recordatorios para los que viajan en autobús por la mañana

Debido a que el clima frío y nevada se avecina, aquí hay algunos recordatorios para los estudiantes que viajan en autobús por la mañana:

  • llegue a la parada de autobús al menos 5 minutos antes de la hora programada de recogida.

  • espere en la acera o cerca de la acera si no hay aceras. Manténgase fuera de la carretera y de los patios de los demás.

  • no cruce la calle hasta que el conductor haga la señal y el autobús se detenga por completo antes de intentar abordar.

Los estudiantes deben tener su etiqueta de autobús con ellos cuando viajen en el autobús. Las etiquetas de autobús de reemplazo se pueden recoger en la escuela. Se acepta una foto de la etiqueta del autobús en su teléfono celular. Los estudiantes pueden ser negados si no tienen una etiqueta de autobús y el conductor no los reconoce.