The Eiffle Tower

By:Loraly Michalewicz

What Is The Eiffle Tower

The Eiffle tower is located in Paris,France.The Eiffle tower was designed by Gustave Eiffle.The Tower is prowdly the second tallest structer in France.The tower's apronksimet weight is 7,300 tonnes.Inside the tower there are 2 restaurants:Le 58 toar Eiffle on the second floor:Le Jules Verne.To find more go to orhttp://www.history/

Why I Love The Eiffle Tower !

I love the Eiffle tower because I have always wanted to go to France.Another reason is that I want to get my name graved into the Tower.The tower is also 2 times bigger than the Epgtion pyramids.More than 250 million people have viseted the tower.The tower gets a new coat of paint every 7 years but in stede of that the french say ''a new dress.''
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