Hero Assignment

My Dad, Bernard Louis Courchaine Jr.

I choose my dad to be my hero, because i have looked up to him since the day i could remember, i love this man with all my heart. I will never look up too him any different no matter how mad i am at him. We have had out ups and downs but more so our ups. He is the best dad i could ever ask for and i wouldn't trade him for the world.

Reasons why i choose my father...

My dad and I, Have had a crazy life in the past. My dad and my mom were together since they were in 7th grade until they were 25, my parents never were married but engaged. My father left my family when i was 1 and headed off to prison for a couple of years for bad decisions he had made. When he had gotten out of prison he cleaned up his life and started a couple businesses. I never really knew his so once i understand that was my dad he was like my best friend. My brother and my dad never really got along because my brother was older than me and thought that since my dad went to prison he was a "bad person", so he always kept that to his head, so still to this day he doesn't see my dad. And i know that my dad has had so much pain and guilt from it. My dad only has 2 kids me and my brother Tyler. So knowing that Tyler is kind of out of my dads picture, my dad has always kept his arms around me and treated me like a princess. He has never yelled at me, laid a hand on me nor has he ever been disrespectful to me. Hes the greatest dad ever. I don't know what i would do without him. Whenever i have a question my dad is the first person i call. he usually knows the answer or thinks about it and calls me back with the right answer.
This year me and my dads family really bonded the most. My dads side of the family were very shy, and i didn't really know them really good like i know my moms side. My grandfather passed away and he was a really great man he was always special to me because he was the first one to hold me when i was born and he, wiped my face off and i was also his first granddaughter. My father was a Jr. So my grandfather was a Sn. they were the same in allot of ways & my father looked up to him how i look up to my dad.
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