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Curious To Know E Cigarette Future

Human behavior is ever changing and sometimes a little change annoys people over and over again. Nowadays, I saw the similar situation in our society and even worldwide. We all know the market is flooded with an alternative of regular cigarette i.e. e cigarettes but many people dragged down this innovative products without any evident reason. I don’t understand why many people nowadays are enough busy to grab the chance of pulling down the goodwill of e cigarettes. Almost every day, I read news on e cigarette ban, regulations and blah blah.

I don’t understand why people criticize electronic cigarettes without having any proper information about its usefulness and harmfulness. Being a customer of V2 cigs, I don’t believe on the rumors that are present with e cigarettes. Are e cigarettes similar or more harmful than tobacco cigarette? Are these devices really promoting minors to intake puffs? Are these devices really caused fire at home or car? These questions stuck on my mind every time.

Being a user of one of the best electronic cigarette brand, I believe that if used in a proper manner these devices will become one of the best alternative of regular cigarette. Out of many proposed laws and regulation, In think laws including ban e cigarettes among minors or school campuses should be imposed while other laws like ban online sales of e cigarettes are worthless and of no use. Now, I am waiting for the end result of these controversies.