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The nights are getting darker but the jewels are getting brighter

Welcome to this month's Stella & Dot sisters newsletter!

It's my turn this month (Hannah) and I'll pass the guntlet onto Eister next month. I am still testing out a few different ways of telling all our wonderful customers (you) about what's been going on for us, what are the latest trends and what's new in this sparkly world! Let us know if this works for you by getting in touch:

Our facebook group:

Or email us and your email will appear as a comment on the facebook group page:

Lot's has been going on with Eister and I in the last few months, Eister is getting ready for her wedding next year (very excited) and I'm preparing for the last year of my MA - lots of essay writing ahead. We have still been able to share the sparkle with lots of you though and this business is showing it's true colours by flexing and fitting in around our lives. We are so proud to be associated with this company from both the styling, design and quality that it continues to offer right through to the mission statement of giving every woman the means to style their own life alongside the amazing charitable and fundraising organizations we dedicate and ring fence funds to (more of that later)

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and love of all things Stella and of your continued support of us - your stylists. I am for ever grateful and I know I can say the same for Eister! We would love to hear about what you think about our service, the pop-ups or even the lovely jewels - any view is welcome. Just send an email to the address above and we will enter you into a prize draw to win a gorgeous Stella & Dot bracelet!

So, as the winter nights are quickly drawing in, let's have a look at what's new, what's hot and what's a must have! Just so you know there are 4 collections right now. The Autumn Lookbook, the new very glamorous Winter Collection, Bespoke which is the personalized engravable collection and Covet which is our new high-end quality leather and 14k gold and diamond jewellery collection. So let's get stuck in! xxx

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Paying it forward

As anyone who knows us will be aware, our family has been affected a lot by cancer, and I'm sure many of you will also have experienced it in your own lives. The month of October being all things Breast Cancer aware, we thought we would draw attention to our breast cancer awareness, "shop for a cause" range. The net profits will be donated to Macmillan:

Hannah's Shop for a Cause Page

Eister's shop for a Cause Page

We will add up the amount sold at the end of the month and let you know in our next newsletter!

As well as this, I thought I would pay it forward and offer a little (hopefully thoughtful and appreciated) gesture to those women starting the gruelling journey of Radiotherapy/chemotherapy. I am asking friends and family to "sponsor" the cost of one of our pouches. They are £19.00 each and I will use all my commissions (and any made from the sale of the "shop for a cause" boutique) to fill these pouches with little things that might just help someone along. Suggestions have been lip balm and Bongela, soft mints and Werthers originals, tissues, essential oils, nail polish, hand creams, bath bombs etc. I am going to take these to the Velindra Cancer Centre in Cardiff and let the staff gift them to women as they arrive for their chemo etc. I would love to ask any of you reading this newsletter if you'd like to "pay it forward" by sponsoring a pouch. If you do you can email me or just simply pay via my pay pal account which is and deposit 19.00. If you'd like a personal message to a stranger included then email me with what you'd like your pouch to say. I know it's not really much in the grand scheme of things but I thought it might just brighten someones otherwise frightening and dark days. Thank you xx

and in this busy lead up to Christmas

I know everyone is mad busy and so what better time to grab a few gals together open a bottle and Christmas shop in the comfort of your kitchen. I can help!!! Also very happy to bring the collections to you on a one to one basis if a soiree isn't your thing. This is all such fun!

Could it work for you?

It's such a pleasure to have a business with my wonderful sister - we have been able to chat so much more since we have been working together and it's fab having someone to encourage you and think up ideas with! This is the same with the rest of my team as well, so if you want something that gives you this support and drive, or know someone who might want to talk about how this opportunity might work for them, then get in touch! With this being the busiest time of the year and an extra £100 to help start up your business - it's the perfect time!
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Last but not least!

Make Christmas easy for your loved ones this year! Simply create a wish list for free on your Stella & Dot account, let me or Eister know you have done it by sending us a message with a list of emails for your nearest and dearest and we will do the rest. We will don our Christmas fairies wings and spread the sparkle by letting your friends and family choose the perfect gift!
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