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CLASS OF 2016 - February

February Reminders

If you haven't turned in a Community Service form yet, contact our office immediately!

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Halfway there!

Half of the year has passed, and we are working toward all our seniors gaining college acceptance and graduating from high school. The Senior Program staff encourages you to finish the Crosby Scholars program strong. You have come this far with us, and you will benefit from finishing. We realize that all of you are at different stages of the college admissions and financial aid processes. However, Crosby Scholars offers the following benefits to all students:

  • Receive one-to-one guidance in college admissions and financial aid
  • Recognized individually at the Crosby Senior Honors Gala (May 1st)
  • Recognized individually at your HS Senior Awards Day
  • Recognized in your high school’s graduation program
  • Distinguished at your graduation by wearing special Crosby Scholars honor cords
  • Eligible to apply for 5 scholarships unique to Crosby Scholars
  • Eligible to apply for a Last Dollar Grant, if weighted GPA is 2.0 or higher

5 scholarships for Crosby Scholars only

In addition to applying for financial aid and other outside scholarships, we encourage Crosby Scholars to apply for these scholarships that are only available to students who complete our program. You will have access to these applications through your Crosby portal. Log in and click the Scholarships tab to view all the details. Pay special attention to deadlines and requirements for completing the applications. All scholarship recipients will be announced on Sunday, May 1, at the Crosby Scholars Senior Gala.

  1. Joyce Kohfeldt Determination Award
    Application available now! Deadline: Friday, February 26
    This is a $1,000 non-renewable scholarship.
    A Crosby Scholar senior who actively participates in community service and extra-curricular activities, and clearly expresses in an essay how any events or special circumstances have impacted his/her educational experience as well as any adversities he/she has overcome.

  2. 2016 Honorary Scholarship
    Application goes live on Feb 10th! Deadline: Wednesday, March 9
    This is a $2,000 non-renewable scholarship.
    A Crosby Scholar senior and first-generation college student who plans to attend a 4-year college or university, and clearly expresses in an essay how he/she has been inspired educationally and hopes to inspire others; academic achievement will also be considered.

  3. Goodwill Willpower Scholarship
    Application goes live on Feb 19th! Deadline: Wednesday, March 18
    All the details will be available in the Crosby portal soon.

  4. John A. Carter Memorial Scholarship
    Application goes live on Mar 2nd! Deadline: Friday, March 30
    This is a $1,000 non-renewable scholarship.
    A Crosby Scholar senior from a middle income family with a minimum cumulative unweighted GPA of 2.5 or higher who clearly expresses in an essay which adult in his/her life has had the most impact on him/her and why.

  5. John O. Reynolds Memorial Scholarship
    Application goes live on Mar 11th! Deadline: Wednesday, April 8
    All the details will be available in the Crosby portal soon.

Remaining Academy Options...

More scholarship links

Searching for scholarships can be very overwhelming! Start local and work your way out. Check with your school's counseling office, employers and retailers, civic organizations, churches, etc. And of course, check your college's financial aid page for potential scholarships. Millions of scholarship aoplications can be found online through a simple Google search. Just make sure to never pay when applying or searching for scholarships! Here are some links to help you find other scholarship opportunities.

College Foundation of NC - Grants & Scholarships

Foundation For The Carolinas - scholarships

JCHS - scholarships page

SRHS - scholarships page

WRHS - scholarships page

College Board

Scholarships Online

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Need help with the FAFSA?

  • When working on the FAFSA online, use the "live help" button or the online chat feature.
  • Call the FAFSA hotline at 800-433-3243
  • View helpful YouTube videos
  • Live Twitter Q&A with #AskFAFSA - the last Wednesday of each month, 5pm-6pm OR watch the live stream @

Seniors & parents - want help in person while filling out the FAFSA? Register to attend FAFSA Day on Saturday, February 20th, available from 9am-12pm at Catawba College in the Corriher-Linn Black Library, sponsored by CFNC. Financial aid professionals will be available to provide FREE assistance to families. It is helpful to bring your completed worksheets as well. If your college’s priority filing deadline is earlier than February 20th, do not wait until FAFSA DAY to submit your FAFSA.