EDC 575

Teaching Next Generation Learners

Spring 2013 (Mondays 4:30-6:00 OR 6:30-8:00)

Orientation/Information Night

Course Orientation/Information Session scheduled for Monday, January 14 (4:30-7:00 PM). Stop by to find out more! Dickey Hall Room #323.

**Course content will begin on Monday, January 28th

A Uniquely Designed Innovative Course

Course content will focus on innovative instructional models for teaching next generation learners grounded in the following core frameworks:
  • Tony Wagner's seven survival skills
  • Costa and Kallick's 16 habits of mind
  • CCSSO's critical attributes for next generation learners
  • P21 Skills Framework

Instructional models will include:
  • Project-based and Problem-based Learning
  • Personalized Learning
  • Mastery/Competency Based Learning
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Blended Learning

Learn New Teaching Methods to Support

Next Generation Learners!

Spring 2013

EDC 575 (Section 002) will meet during the Spring 2013 semester on Monday evening on the UK Campus. Meetings will take place in Dickey Hall #323. Course participants can choose from one of two time slots to attend (4:30-6:00 PM) or (6:30-8:00 PM). We will engage in guided project work between class sessions (6:00-6:30 PM).
Course enrollment is open to both undergraduate and graduate level students in any discipline or grade level focus area.

If you currently teach in Fayette County Public Schools, contact me for more information about taking this course as PD credit. Preference will be given to teachers interested in a teaching position in the new STEAM Academy.

For More Information Contact

Dr. Laurie A. Henry
(859) 257-7399