Weekly Tech News

April 9, 2018

Upcoming JOT Dates

Welcome back everyone! Here are the new dates for this month:

4/12 JR JOT

4/ 19 SR JOT

4/24 WL JOT (Date moved back)

5/1 AE JOT (Date moved back)

Again, there is not a Playground session this month. Feel free to reach out for additional information or assistance.

JRSR High JOT Presented by Vocabulary.com

This month's JRSR High JOT session is being presented by Ali Chirumbolo from Vocabulary.com in the form of a webinar. I will be setting this up in my room the next two Thursdays, and you are welcome to attend either session. This website comes highly recommended from the English department and the school has a subscription to the service. Ali asked me to share this information prior to

"Teachers from all content areas would benefit from the subscription.

Below is the invite code for teachers. Once they click on that link, they will be promoted to create an account and then they will be added to the Central Noble subscription:


One thing to note, make sure this link isn't shared with students.

If they have any issues or questions before the trainings, they are welcome to reach out to me directly or to support@vocabulary.com."

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!