Nervous System

The System That Controls It All!

What is it?

  • A network of nerve cells and fibres
  • Job: transmit nerve impulses all over the body
  • Made up of the brain, spinal cord, the nerves and the sense organs (eyes & ears)

Anatomy of our Nervous System!

Nervous Tissue

Majority of the nervous system is made up of two classes of cells:

  • Neurons
  • Neuroglia

Neurons (nerve cells) :

Uses electrochemical signals to communicate throughout the body.

3 Types:

  • Afferent (sensory nerves)
  • Efferent (motor nerve)
  • Interneurons (communication nerve)

Neuroglia (glial cells)

These are the "helper cells". Overall they provide support and protection for neurons in the CNS and the PNS.

  • Astrocyte
  • Oligodendrocytes
  • Ependymal cells
  • Radial glia

Types of Nervous Systems!

2-Minute Neuroscience: Divisions of the Nervous System

Central Nervous System. A.K.A "cns"

This is where we evaluate the information we perceive and make our decisions.

In other words, the CNS controls the activities of the body !


  • Brain
  • Spinal cord

These two make up the control centre.

Peripheral Nervous System. A.K.A "PNS"

This is where we carry instructions from the brain to the limbs, controlling all the muscles and joints! As well, it transmits all the senses we have to the brain.


  • Nerves
  • Ganglia

Both on the outside of the brain and spinal cord!

Physiology of Nervous System (healthy) !

How Does It All Fit Together ?

The information through senses are transmitted through electrochemical signals. They travel through the nerve cells in the nervous tissue, then to the control centre, A.K.A the brain!