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St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School - May 2018

Extending childcare services with Breakfast Club

The Governing Body have recently agreed to changes put forward to extend our childcare offer in school.

From September this year we will be opening our own breakfast club, the club will be managed by Mrs Dellafera who will move from the after school club to breakfast club.

Opening from 0730 the club will offer breakfast options and a range of activities before the school day commences.

The current room will have a makeover during the summer holidays with a new kitchen to help improve our food menu.

We will be contacting parents who are currently using the before school club to ensure that they receive priority where possible. We will be sending out further information in due course. The size of the club is limited by OFSTED regulations, who licence and inspect childcare settings, with a mixture of regulation regarding floor space and staff ratio.

Our existing offer of Start Active with Premier Sport will come to an end, many thanks to them for all their efforts in recent years in providing this service.

Sports Day

We are all looking forward to our Sports Day on 15th June. A reminder that school will be closed for Years 1-6 and that children need to report to the David Weir Sports Centre for a prompt 9am start.

The children have already completed a timed run in school so that we now their initial timings, we will use these to place them in appropriate heats. It's a relatively traditional sports day with various races including the sack and the egg and spoon races - along with some multi skill events, especially for Key Stage 1. A timetable for the day will be sent out with your pre-ordered tickets.

There are lots of stickers and medals to recognise achievements on the day.

We are encouraging the children (and parents/family members) to wear their house colours - if your child does not know their house colour please check in with the class teacher for verification. To prepare for Sports Day you can help us by:

  • preparing a sun hat/baseball cap / school PE kit with house colour t shirt for your child.
  • ensure that you have sun lotion for your child, we recommend an all day lotion that you can put on in the morning that your child can top up during the day.
  • a water bottle - there will be no cups available so a water bottle will be essential
  • ensuring that you have your travel and meal arrangements clear., we have a family picnic in the middle of the day.

After many weeks of chasing parents for replies to our emails and Google forms, we have now filled our school coaches which will depart promptly at 0830 from school. Please plan now to arrive at school in time to board as the coaches will leave on time. All places on the coaches have now been allocated, many thanks to all those who have completed our paperwork to support the organisation of our first off site sports day.

Should it rain we we will move indoors at David Weir and offer an alternative schedule. Indoors, we will not be able to host parents as there will not be enough room, so let's hope for good, dry weather.

We would love to have a few drone shots of Sports Day - if you have a drone and are happy to help on the day please let us know.

SATs exams

Well done to our Year 6 pupils and teaching team for all their hard work leading up and during the SATs exams last week. The children approached the tests with tremendous calmness and confidence, it was great to see them all making their best effort.

I hope that the children enjoyed Chessington today. We hope that results will be with parents on 10th July.

Staffing Update

We have a number of staffing changes for September as a few staff have shared some good news with us.

Mrs Scripps, Mrs Harrison and Mrs Kelly will all be expecting babies in the Autumn term. - there must be something in the water.... Miss Naughton has resigned as she is returning to her family in Australia.

The Governing Body have agreed to employing a number of staff on one year contracts, we will have recently interviewed and appointed in principle, once contracts are signed I will come back to you with details of our new appointments.

Congratulations go to Miss Jenkins, in St Francis Class, who is getting married over the half term. Let's hope that the sunshine continues and that it shines on Mr and Mrs Jordan on their special day!. She will remain as Miss Jenkins for the remainder of the academic year, every wish for God's blessing on them both in their marriage.

Lolly Sale this Friday & Summer Fair

Saturday 7th July from 10am for our Summer Fair! Can you help in some way, please let the PTA know.

The PTA are holding a lolly sale at breaktime this Friday, the lollies cost 20p each and will be available for the whole school - proceeds to the PTA fund - many thanks!

PTA Meeting

Monday, June 4th, 8pm

St Cecilia's Catholic Primary School, Worcester Park, Sutton, UK

Worcester Park, England

Please come along to find the out the latest from the PTA and to help plan the Summer Fair.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

GDPR and how we manage data

You will have received our revised Privacy Policy, we sent home home in paper copy last week. Please send back your signed copy of consent to use this week so that we can process it as soon as possible.

You can find additional copies of the form and the current Privacy Policy on our website.

For queries on the Privacy Policy please contact Mrs Saunders in the first instance.

The Year 6 Clapping Out Ceremony

We are introducing a new tradition to the school on the last day of term when we create a special moment for the all of our children, with our focus on Y6 children and staff who are leaving us at the end of the academic year.

The clapping out ceremony takes the children on a journey from their classroom, through the playgrounds and early years areas to the school gates where their parents will be waiting ready to start the next step in their life journey - secondary education.

We will take our places 20 minutes before school closes so that we have time to gather, clap and cheer our Year 6 pupils as they walk past on their way to the summer holidays and their new schools.

Please come in to school on the last day and gather outside your child's classroom and join them in cheering on our Year 6 pupils. Each year group will have a special surprise for the children as they go past, it's a lovely way to say goodbye to Year 6 and another school year.

Technology Savvy Parenting

There is a new craze hitting the UK with a game for over 12s called Fortnite, We understand that some of our younger pupils are playing the game at home - please check in with them and ensure that they are playing safely. Fortnite enables interaction between players and there are concerns that children are playing online with adults who are posing as children.

ParentZone have produced guidance for parents on the game and this has been distributed to us via the National Crime Agency. We have attached the guidance in pdf form below.

May is the Month of Mary

We ask that each child brings just one flower this Thursday for our special assembly to celebrate our special relationship with Jesus' mother, Mary.

After assembly, the flowers will be donated to our local hospices. Thanks for your support.


We are making changes to the way in which swimming is planned and taught in order to improve our offer for older pupils. Year 5 will swim for the Autumn term with Y1 commencing in January.

I was with Year 1 this morning at their swimming lessons, it was great to see the tremendous improvement made since the start of the year. Please keep up the good work with more swimming over the summer holidays, it is clear to see that children who have additional swim opportunities other than school are benefiting from their additional swim experiences. It is good to aim for children to be swimming a width, 10M, by the end of year 1.

We will be writing separately to Year 5 parents with details of the swimming curriculum, we are working with the provider to enable the children to study for the Swim England Awards at Bronze, Silver and Gold level. You can find more details below.

Swim England

Details of the Swimming Challenge, Bronze, SIlver and Gold.

Zoolab visit to Nursery

We've had a great day in nursery with a visit from Zoolab. Some children were hoping for a tiger in the zooman's bag. No tigers today but we enjoyed a lovely range of insects and reptiles. A few photos are included above, a lovely experience for the classes, thanks parents for your support. We all learnt a lot - do you know what happens to scorpions in the moonlight?

May half term

It's almost half term and the weather seems to be picking up once again.

Best wishes for a wonderful break to you all, school closes this Friday and reopens on Monday 4th June.

Vince Burke

Head Teacher

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