Ununoctium (Uuo)

By Willow Westwood

Basic information

I chose this element because I thought the abbreviation was interesting and unique. this elements origin or how it got its name is: temporary systematic IUPAC nomenclature. This element definitely does match to its abbreviation because the abbreviation is Uuo and Ununoctium both have two or more U and they both have an O. This element was discovered in 2002. The discover of this element has not yet been confirmed. No one really knows what ununoctium looks like but this is what people think it looks like:

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I found it unusual that the person who discovered this element has not yet been confirmed, I also found it unusual that people do not know what this elements looks like. I think we should definitely preserve this element as there is so much more work to be done on this element. This element could be used greatly in the future, we definitely need to preserve this element because of the potential it may bring.