Pier 25 News

January 21, 2016

Dear UMAC Families,

Throughout our literacy, we will be introducing a fairy tale unit next week. To enrich our reading and writing activities, we are asking students to bring in a favorite fairy tale from home if possible. Since all of our UMAC and fifth grade classes will be studying this genre, there will be a limited supply of texts to check out in the library.

I hope your UMAC student enjoys a long four day weekend. Please remind your child to keep up on his/her WEB reading over the next few days. I reminded them today that their weekend goal is 80 minutes!

Thanks so much!

Kelly Horist

Shared Reading

This week we read Uncle Jed’s Barbershop. In this memoir, a young girl tells the story of her compassionate and protective Uncle Jed who persevered through many obstacles and doubts of others to achieve his dream of opening his own barbershop. Our team had a great discussion about the positive traits that Uncle Jed possessed and ultimately it was these traits that led him to achieving his dream. I was so impressed to hear my team independently infer the author’s message, or theme of this uplifting text.


Old Friends:

Our 5th graders spent time this week reviewing data landmarks and a variety of methods for organizing data. After gathering data on a variety of topics students created line plots and stem/leaf plots to assist in determining specific landmarks for each set of data. We also worked on developing measurement and probability concepts as we explored different units of measurement.

New Friends:

Our new friends have learned how to measure angles using the full & half-circle this week. With our understanding of acute and obtuse angles, this has made this new concept less challenging. Division continues to be a strong focus throughout this chapter. Our team should be proud of their diligence towards learning this concept!


We spent some time this week reflecting on the year ahead! Students were asked to brainstorm a list of goals/things that they wanted to accomplish in 2016 in three areas: school, home, and free time. After brainstorming, students chose a specific goal for each area and wrote a final draft outlining not only what they hope to accomplish but how they expect to reach this goal. Be sure to check in with your UMAC student to find out what goals they have set for themselves!

Social Studies

Students dove right into our next History Alive chapter this week. In chapter 8 students are learning about the history of slavery. We are learning many new facts about the many dilemmas that West Africans were faced with during the 1500’s. This is a difficult part of history to cover with our students; however, we have been so impressed with the students maturity and wonderful discussions surrounding this topic.

Upcoming Events

Friday, January 15- Teacher In-service, No school

Monday, January 18- No School

Friday, January 22-History Alive Chapter 8 Test