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February 16, 2016

Onsite Health Screenings – Building Access

If you are registered for one of the upcoming onsite health screenings, please enter through the front of the building and buzz in if the door is locked. Each school will have someone in the front office to let staff members enter. Please make sure to have your Belton ID with you to verify you are an employee.

For more information about the health screenings, please visit the BSD Wellness Page.

CO Staff Spotlight

Each week, we'll be highlighting a different Central Office staff member...and once we're done there, we will be moving over to technology, maintenance, and custodial services! The hope is to fill you in on what each staff member's roles and responsibilities are in the district -- so when you have questions, you'll know just who can help! Our first highlight is below...

Staff Spotlight: Jacqui Vernon

Jacqui is Dr. Bob Poisal's secretary, as well as the secretary for our business manager, Judy St. Louis. This is her 14th year in the district, and before starting her role in the business office, she was the secretary at Hillcrest. She can be reached via email or phone (489-7004).

Her responsibilities include:

*Processing facility use forms

*Arranging & managing the calendars for facility use at each building

*Collecting and processing attendance data for the district

*Issues the district credit card when its use is warranted

*Places Amazon orders as requests are made with our district account

*Files and follows up on district incident reports involving students and/or staff when emergency services are called

*Secretaries and sponsors can contact her for budget reports