Cornelia Africana

Perfect Example of a Roman woman


191 or 190 BC, to Publius Cornelius Africanus, hero of 2nd Punic War


  • Had 12 Children, which was unusual
  • Only 3 survived
  • Enjoyed a princess-like status
  • Set herself to educate her children
  • Mother of the Gracchus Brothers

Married Life

  • Married to Tiberius Gracchus the Elder
  • After her husband's death, she chose to remain a widow
  • She even refused the marriage proposal of King Ptolemy VII

Relationship to Sons

  • Relationship between her and adult sons was very important
  • Most of the information that we have on her role during this time is what Plutarch wrote in both the “Life of Tiberius Gracchus” and the “Life of Gaius Gracchus”.
  • She is portrayed as active during their political careers, especially during Gaius’.