ELC Newsletter

April 11th, 2014

OASYS Due Dates

  • Documentation Log is due May 1st
  • SLOs End of Year Review: May 15th: Reminder, this is just at the end of our Fountas and Pinnell Testing
  • SLOs Score Report: May 31st: Everyone will get a score this year. This is not to affect your summative, as we are on a pilot year. Beginning next year, only staff that are new and on the 3rd year of the evaluation cycle will be getting a score.
  • Summative Conference and Report : Due the last week of school
  • Your two classroom observations can be uploaded into your documentation as artifacts.

Technology Updates from the IMTC Committee

iPads will be leased for first and second grade classrooms and Chromebooks will be leased for third grade classroom for the 2014-15 school year. Also the committee is reviewing educator requests for other pieces of technology. Remember you need to write and submit proposals if there is something you want them to consider.

Budget Requests

Thanks to everyone for their budget requests. They have all been coded and are in the business office. If you made a request for an amount of money on a procurement card, you will be asked to specify what that will be used for and it will have to be spent by June 30th, 2014.

Early Release

Thanks to all of your hard work on Early Release once again. Most of you were individually working in OASYS due to the upcoming deadlines. Some of you met as groups discussing and sharing the artifacts you were choosing to upload and what standard they belonged under. Great Job!

This week's Shout Out:

To: Dave Mand and Rick Kreiter: Thanks for the installation of a new TV monitor so we can securely see who is coming in the front door at this time.

Up and Coming Events:

4/18: No School Good Friday

4/24: Statewide Tornado Drill

All 4K Olympic Event at ELC

4/28: PALS Testing Window Opens

4/30: Deb Gneser here to assist staff with PDPs

5/2: 4K from Divine Savior will be eating breakfast here as a fieldtrip for their class

5/8-5/10: Biometric Screening Dates: Make sure you have signed up on the portal

5/12 : Book Day from PTO

5/14: Early Release for May: STAR Presentation at FLC

PALS Wisconsin Presenter

This summer, Sharon Toellner from PALS Wisconsin will be here to present to teachers of students from 4K- Second grade. The date will be Thursday, August 7th. The morning will address the Quick Checks and how to use data to target individualized instruction. The afternoon will focus on Concept of Word, and strategies to help teach this for our youngest readers.

My Out of Building Schedule

  • 4/14: 7:15 PST at FLC; Morning at FLC doing classroom observations; 3: 15 Wellness meeting
  • 4/15: 7: 45 IEP; 9:00 Admin; back to ELC for an IEP after school
  • 4/16: AM in observation at BAMS and HMHS; IEP at ELC after lunch; IEP at ELC after school; 4: 00 Culture and Climate Committee
  • Thursday, Sick Day:
  • Friday : No School

A Missed Opportunity

Happy BELATED Birthday Goes to Kim Vanderwynen! I missed her on the birthday list in the last bulletin. Her birthday was on 4/3/14.HOPE IT WAS GREAT!