By:Brianna Oughton

Background Information

The capital of Peru is Lima

Two major cities in Peru are Arequipa and Trujillo

Peru was controlled by Spain.Peru did gain it's independence in 1821 and is no longer controlled.

Peru official language is Spanish.

Geographical Information

Peru is in western South America,bordering the South Pacific Ocean,between Chile and Ecuador.

Peru is part of the Andes Mountains,has Lake Titicaca,and has part of the Amazon River.

Political and Diplomacy information

Peru has a constitutional republic government

Peru leader is President Ollanta Humala Tasso

Chile and Ecuador rejected Peru.Peru organized illegal narcotics operation in Colombia.Peru rejects Bolivia.

Economic and trade information

Peru currency is Nuevo sol

Peru system is socialism

Peru imports asparagus,coffee,cocoa,cotton,sugarcane,rice,potatoes,corn,plantains,grapes,oranges,pineapple,guavas,bananas,apple,lemons,pears,coca,tomatoes,mangoes,barley,medicinal,plant,Palm oil,marigold,onion,wheat,dry beans,poultry,beef,pork,dairy products,guinea pigs,fish.

Peru imports to China,U.S.A.,Canada,Japan,Spain,and Chile.

Peru exports copper,gold,lead,zinc,tin ore,molybdenum,silver,crude petroleum,petroleum products,natural gas,coffee,asparagus,other vegetables,fruit,apparel,textiles,fish meal,fish,chemical,fabricated meal products,machinery,alloys.

There exports are from China,U.S.A.,Canada,Japan,Spain,and Chile.

Tourists information

People should visit Peru because they have ruins of the Inca's,they have great food,and beautiful beaches.

Tourists can visit parts of the Amazon in Peru and Machu Picchu a Inca city.