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Dodge City Middle School

School Hours

Class Hours: 8:00am - 3:15pm

Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Late Start Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm

Late Start Class Hours: 9:30am – 3:15pm



It's hard to believe in a few weeks your child will be back for another school year!! On behalf of the entire DCMS Staff, we are happy to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year! We look forward to working together to help our students meet the challenges they will face as they live and work in a changing world. The Dodge City Middle School Staff has been extremely busy this summer, not only with routine procedures, but also preparing for the many new faces we will welcome to our family this year. We can't wait to meet you!!

DCMS Principals

Mrs. Wells - Head Principal (7th Grade Principal)

Mrs. Bogner - Assistant Principal (8th Grade Principal)

Mr. Still - Assistant Principal/Athletic Director (6th Grade Principal)

First Day Of School - Thursday, August 18

The first day of school will be Thursday, August 18. School begins at 8:00am and dismissal time is 3:15pm.

At 7:30am the front doors & athletic doors will open for the students. Students will report to their assigned grade level location. 6th grade will report to the Main Gym, 7th Grade will report to the Auxiliary Gym, and 8th Grade will report to the Auditorium. Students will be able to pick-up breakfast from the 500's hallway after reporting to their assigned grade level location. (See the 2022-2023 meal pricing below)

The school day ends at 3:15pm. All students will dismiss through an outside door closest to their advisory classroom. Please check with your child/children to find a suitable location for pick-up at the end of the school day.


Click here to get more information on how to pay for meals.

Click here to get more information on Free/Reduced Meals 2022-2023.

Click here to access our Wellness Policy.

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Save The Date - Open House

Tuesday, August 16

6th Grade Open House - 5:30-6:30pm

Wednesday, August 17

7th & 8th Grade Open House - 5:30-6:30pm

We welcome our Cardinal Families to Open House (dates listed above). Please enter through the front entrance. When you and your student enter the building, report to the main gym to pick up their schedule, buy spirit shirts, sign up for PTO/SITE Council/Booster Club, and sign-up for Athletics (volleyball, cross-country, football).

After picking up your schedule and signing up for any committees you are interested in, you will be able to tour the building and locate your student(s) classrooms and important places within the building.

We hope to see you, as this will allow students the chance to become acquainted with the school and classrooms so that their first day of school will run smoothly.

School Supply List

Please see the link below for a suggested school supply list for the 2022-2023 school year.
Supply List for 2022-2023

USD 443 - Dodge City Public Schools Supply List


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DCMS Spirit Shirts are now on sale!

Shirts may be purchased at the DCMS Front Office from 7am—3pm July 25 to August 5th.

Shirt sizes available: Youth Large to Adult 3XL.

Limited shirts Available!


*Make checks payable to: DCMS

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Uniform Policy

2022-2023 Uniform Policies

Uniform apparel may be purchased at DCMS, the DCMS online store, The Locker Room, Embroid Me, and V&M Stitch.


Address: 2000 6th Avenue

Phone: 620-471-2100

The Locker Room

Address: 503 North 2nd Avenue

Phone: 620-227-8833

Fully Promoted

Address: 1909 N 14th Ave Suite B

Phone: 620-227-3100

V&M Stich

Address: 605 N 2nd Ave

Phone: 620-390-9220

Top Apparel

  • Polos, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Spirit/Organizational Shirts, 1/4 zip & full zip are allowed– Red, White, Gray, and Black are the only colors allowed
  • Solid/Plain Colored Top Apparel without any logos are allowed
  • Top Apparel with a brand name logo (Nike, Adidas, Champion) must have the DCMS or Cardinal Logo as well.
  • Polos can be long or short sleeved, and must have a collar.
  • Long sleeved crewneck or pullover hoodie sweatshirt may be worn and worn right side out. All undershirts or camisoles must be a solid color. Undershirts and camisoles may not have lettering or logos visible through the polo.

Bottom Apparel

  • Pants, Shorts, Skirts, or Jumpers
  • Khaki in color or Blue Jean
  • Shorts may not be longer than the lower part of the kneecap but not shorter than fingertip length with arms at the side
  • Skirts and jumpers may be longer than the kneecap, but not shorter than fingertip length with arms at the side.
  • All clothing must be hemmed. No slits, holes, or fraying are allowed in the legs of pants, shorts, skirts/jumpers. No second layer of clothing may be worn underneath to mask holes in outer garment.

Lockers & Backpacks

For the upcoming school year, students will not be utilizing lockers. Students can bring backpacks, drawstring bags, and/or binders.


View student handbooks here.

Security Procedures

We are asking for your assistance to ensure that our security procedures during the school day are effective. As many of you know, our school has a security camera, intercom, and buzzer at the front entrance for use during the school day. To help us assist you when you would like to enter the school:

1. Please press the buzzer to speak with someone in the office

2. You will be asked to give your name and reason for visiting

3. Office staff will then be able to buzz you inside

4. All visitors must immediately register in the office

In addition, we are asking you to not let any visitors in the door as you enter (and they come up behind you) or as you exit the building.

The teachers and staff are committed to student safety and security and we would like to thank you for your assistance in helping keep the students at DCMS safe.

Please see information below about the Hall Pass visitor tracking system:

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August Calendar Dates

Events subject to change. Please contact the Dodge City Middle School office with questions at 620-471-2100.

  • First Day of School: Thursday, August 18, 2022
  • Fall Picture Day: Tuesday, August 30, 2022

View the Dodge City Middle School calendar by clicking here.

Calendar Subscription

Subscribing to the DCMS calendar pulls the events from this calendar and displays them in your Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, iPhone, iPad, Android, or other device. You will need to click here in order to subscribe.

Red & White Days August Calendar

Students alternate each day between PE and Connect. You will have access to the Red/White Day Calendar via our monthly newsletter


Red filled boxes = red day

White filled boxes = white day

Gray filled boxes = no school

6th Grade Team Red Day/White Day Schedule

Spartans (Red Day = P.E.) (White Day = Connect)

Olympians (Red Day = Connect) (White Day = P.E.)

7th Grade Team Red Day/White Day Schedule

Odyssey (Red Day = P.E.) (White Day = Connect)

Voyagers (Red Day = Connect) (White Day = P.E.)

8th Grade Team Red Day/White Day Schedule

All Stars (Red Day = P.E.) (White Day = Connect)

Defenders (Red Day= Connect) (White Day = P.E.)

Skyward Family Access

Family Access by Skyward is a free service designed for families who would like to easily track your student(s) academic progress while at school. The service allows parents or guardians to view your student’s attendance, grades, schedule, food service balance, progress, assignments and emergency information.

Please call the Dodge City Middle School office at 620-471-2100 and ask to talk with Mrs. Burkhard to help you get started and signed up!

Laptop - Protocol & Student Responsibilities

Student Laptop Protocol

● The Laptop is school property that you are being allowed to use. Any action that violates existing Board policy or public law will be reported to proper authorities.

● If the student is using an app or website inappropriately, it may result in consequences or loss of privileges.

● Student laptop will be filtered through the district’s technology department.

● School staff members have the right to check any material stored on a student’s laptop.

Student Responsibilities - Laptop Care

The student will:

● Use their laptop in a responsible and ethical manner,

● Be responsible for keeping their laptop in good working order,

● Report any laptop damage to their advisory teacher,

● Use only a soft cloth to clean the screen, no cleaners of any kind,

● Not have any writing or stickers on the laptop.

● Leave laptops at school in a charging station and plugged in.

Student Responsibilities - Laptop Usage

The student will:

● Use laptop only when directed by the teacher.

● Use earbuds only when permission has been given by a teacher.

● only play music if permission has been given by the teacher

● Not access games unless directed by a teacher.

● not take photos or videos unless it is being used in a project assigned by a teacher,

● not use any social media sites during school,

● not take their laptop into the restrooms, locker rooms, or into the cafeteria,

● Use the school approved passwords and screensavers.

● keep the originally installed apps on the laptop in usable condition and be easily accessible at all times,

● Be responsible for making sure their laptop is charged and ready for the next day. Students will pick up their device each morning from their advisory.

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DCMS Cardinal Athletics

August 8th-12th:

Cheerleading Camp: 3:30-4:30pm -DCMS Main Gym

Enter through DCMS Athletic Entrance

August 8th-12th

Volleyball Conditioning: 3:00-4:30pm -DCMS Aux Gym

Enter through DCMS Athletic Entrance

August 11th-12th:

Drill Team Camp: 8:00am-5:00pm -Sunflower Dance Studio

August 13th:

Drill Team Camp: 8:00am-3:00pm -DCMS Main Gym

Enter through DCMS Athletic Entrance

Dodge City Middle School Football Schedule


08/08 - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Pre Season Conditioning @ South Turf Practice Fields.

08/09 - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Pre Season Conditioning @ South Turf Practice Fields.

08/10 - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Pre Season Conditioning @ South Turf Practice Fields.

08/11 - 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Pre Season Conditioning @ South Turf Practice Fields.

08/12 ** No Conditioning**

08/13 Football Equipment Checkout

8th Grade @ 8:00 AM

7th Grade @ 9:30

During this time - Physical Turn in and Check

August 15th: First Day of Fall Practices:

Cross-Country.....3:30pm-5:30pm..........Meet at Athletic Entrance

Football...............3:30pm-6:00pm..........Meet in Auxiliary Gym

Volleyball.............3:30pm-5:30pm.........Meet in Main Gym

*Physicals must be completed and turned in to the Athletic Office BEFORE the first day of practice.

Zero Hour

DCMS Zero Hour Strength & Power

Dates * (Zero Hour will be Mon., Tues., Thur., & Fri. unless informed otherwise)

The First Quarter of Zero Hour will begin August 22nd. There will be no Zero Hour on any Wednesdays during the First Quarter unless informed otherwise, Late Start days, or days that there is no school.

Time: 6:20am - 7:20am

Where: Dodge City Middle School Weight Room

*Students will enter through the back athletic entrance between the times of 6:10am & 6:20am. After this time the doors will be closed.

Who: DCMS student’s grades 6-8; Led by Strength & Conditioning Coach Jared Shillington. Participants are advised to wear gym shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

What to Bring: Athletic clothing (gym shorts, t-shirt, and athletic shoes), PERSONAL WATER BOTTLE deodorant and post-workout snack if desired. Students will have 10-15 minutes to get changed and ready for school following the workout.

Availability: Limited spots – First come, first serve!

Purpose: Physicals are NOT required but are strongly encouraged. Students that Participate in Zero Hour will have the opportunity to get great coaching and instruction in weightlifting, speed development, agility, and recovery/nutrition tips. Athletes that participate in Zero Hour will have an advantage of movement quality, strength, power, and speed over their opponents.

There will be ZERO cost to participate in the Zero Hour Strength & Power. Simply complete the registration form below and turn it into Coach Shillington. Students will be allowed to join until all spots have been filled. At that point students will be put on a waiting list.

Stay Informed: Sign up for Zero Hour Strength & Power Google Classroom code: mu6xdrv or Remind messaging. Send a text to 81010 Text this message @jshillin

Weight Room Rules/Guidelines

1. No horseplay at any time.

2. Safety collars must be used on the Barbells at all times.

3. Always use a spotter during appropriate lifts. Spotters should be as focused on the lift as the person performing the exercise.

4. Maintain control of the weights at all times. Weights may not be dropped or thrown. Do not throw dumbbells!

5. Clear all plates from the Barbells when not in use.

6. Athletes are not permitted to use the facility at any time unless a supervising coach or teacher is present.

7. The use of profanity is strictly prohibited.

8. Proper footwear and attire is required to use the facility.

9. Athletic attire [i.e., shorts, sweatpants, t-shirts (covering the entire back, shoulders, chest & torso), tennis shoes, etc.] and proper undergarments are required in the weight room.

10. No jeans, khakis, tank tops, flip-flops, sandals, bare feet, or socks-only allowed. No jewelry should be worn during lifting.

11. No food or drink is permitted in the facility.

12. Never distract or interfere with someone who is performing an exercise.

13. Never sacrifice technique for weight.

14. No deviation from the workout unless prescribed by coach.

15. All other discipline issues please refer to the student handbook.

All discipline issues are up to the discretion of the coach. If the action is worthy of suspension during the school day, the same applies here. Consequences will vary from a warning to being dismissed from the entire program. The action will be assessed so that discipline is fair.

I hereby grant permission for my child, ______________________________________, to participate in Zero Hour Strength & Conditioning. My child has not suffered any illnesses in the past that would make participation in the camp a risk. I further agree to release from any liability, the USD 443 Zero Hour Strength & Conditioning, its staff, Dodge City Middle School, and U.S.D. 443 for any injury or illness to my child. I further authorize the staff to act for me in case of any medical emergency because of injury or illness to my child. I acknowledge that I am aware that participation in Zero Hour requires physical activities of a nature which could result in injury to participants notwithstanding the absence of fault on the part of Zero Hour, its staff, Dodge City Middle School, and U.S.D. 443. The Zero Hour staff has explained to me the particular activities to my satisfaction and I am hereby authorizing my child to participate in these activities.

___________________________________ _____________________

(Parent Signature) (Date)


(Student Signature)

___________________________________ ______________________

(Contact Phone Number) (Email)