Iron Teacher Competition

Third time is the charm

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Overview of the Competition

This voluntary competition pits the best planners, creators and teachers at Grayson High School against one another during this year long competition for "fabulous" prizes.

How the Competition Works

  • · The teacher could opt in for the monthly competition (they do not have to compete).
  • · The teacher would choose which day and period they would like to be judged (this would count as their 1 announced observation for the Pilot program).
  • · The teachers choose which AKS they would like to build a lesson around (it would need to be a one day lesson for simplicity).
  • · Dr. Rhine would randomly select 3 of the Quality Plus Teaching Strategies + 1 of the 20th century skills the teacher would have to incorporate into the lesson
  • · The teacher would be given the strategies and skills 5 days before their competing time
  • · The teacher would be judged on a scale (5 parts: 1 for each of the strategies and skills and 1 point for overall creativeness and presentation).
  • · 3 judges would be ideal: 2 teachers on planning and Dr. Rhine

How to enter

When you are ready for your submission, go ahead and email Seth Rhine with the date and period of your submission. This will count as one of your formative assessments as well (if you want it to). Five days before the date, you will be given your strategies and 21st century skills to incorporate.