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January 19th - 22nd

Hey! Welcome back to a 4 day week! Which may end up being an every other day work day. ... Which is not good for anyone! :/

Miss you all tons- Looks like I'll be back on Monday- just in time for ATMS! Woot-woot. I'll bring some treats... we ALL will need them!

For the Good of All...

Questions about Delays and Work: !!!! READ!!!!
Following up: Sandy had heard that staff didn't have to report at regular time for delays so I did some investigating. Apparently at the principal's meeting last week Dr. Poe announced that staff (certified and classified) will not be required to be present at work until the announced delay time. SO.... if this week there are delays- for example 2 hour delay- you would need to be at school by 10:30 (2 hours from your regular reporting time). Classified would still need to report their show-up time on their time cards. This is AWESOME news! So- Thank goodness for the grapevine!

Cafeteria Recommendation: A new cafeteria monitor will be recommended for hire on Tuesday through our SBDM. Just an FYI

Flex hours- I sent out an email about this to everyone. PLEASE - seriously-- Please don't wait until May to try to get your hours in, and please don't come to Sandy or I to approve PD that doesn't have anything to do with your PGG or our SIP. It can't be approved. Also- I'll only give you so many hours for book / on-line PD (6 hours total). You still have PLENTY of time to explore what is out there and find meaningful PD for yourself. Certified flex cards go to Caroline.

Return: Being human SUCKS.. Just saying

I'll be back on Monday and can't wait. Originally it was going to be this Thursday- but things have come up. I'm good though! so no worries- just working around Dr. schedules... It's like I'm working with brain surgeons or something! :)


Computer Centers / Apps: this website has great organizational pieces for tech use in the classroom, as well as, free vs paid sites. It was pretty interesting, and thought I'd share. Some fresh uses to re-vive computer usage. (linked below)

Science Apps for kids- there is a digital dissecting site and it is COOL! There are a ton of resources to add to science lessons and allow for low maintenance planning with High return on student participation. (Linked below)

Chromebook Rules- a powerpoint with simple rules of how to take care of chromebooks- may want to just save it for beginning of school / breaks to review rules. Thought if it was already created that it could be a quick 3 minute reminder ready to go for you. (attached to email)

Spelling Homework Ideas- We all could use some different ideas from the ones that we always use. (attached to email)

Phonemic awareness- This is not just for our primary- clearly we have kiddos that have some serious phonemic awareness gaps all the way up. This chart is really simple to read / reference and really does help you pinpoint some issues to immediately work with kids. ... right at your fingertips! No muss- no fuss! (linked below)

Paired texts- This website offers lexiles from K to 12th- and offers paired texts. Looking for specific content to read about but can't find the right reading level for your kids? This is your website! I know that some of you use this already, but wanted to share with everyone. It's free and super easy to use for planning- plus you can print it out or even pull it up on an Ipad / chromebook for easy access. (linked below)

Behavior / Student Rewards: Behavior management is pinnacle for academic success- it's plain and simple. If you have poor classroom management- no one is learning. Linked below is a website that offers student motivation / rewards that costs ZERO! At the end of the day- it really is about RELATIONSHIPS... kids just want to know that you like them, and care what they have to offer. (Yes.. some days I know it's hard... been there... shoot... still there!) Worth a try though! Could change your whole class dynamics!

Noise App: The TooLoud! app is ideal for the teacher who needs to limit noise in the classroom environment. It records decibels, displaying the volume levels in numbers. Use it to let the class know when they cross the auditory line. Hook your iPad up to the projector and manage the working noise level in class by letting the students see the feedback for themselves. The data is also visualized in a live graph and in a sliding bar that indicates the rising levels of clamor and babble. GREAT FOR INDOOR RECESS! (linked)

No matter how difficult you think it is... Don't give up!

The tragedy of first position

Calendar Chaos! ... It's getting better!


18th- No school (MLK day)
19th- SBDM
21st- University Meeting
22nd- NED Show

25th- ATM ( 5th / 2nd)
Earthquake drill (PM)

2nd grade round table (4:15) - Flex time offered for this time!
STEM / Noetic evening

27th- Special Ed Team meeting- I'm cancelling this and we will work out a 1/2 day sub day like ATMs- I want to go through all progress monitoring and STAR data for our students. Calendar request to be coming this week. :)
ATM (4th / 3rd)

28th- ATM (1st / K)
29th- PTA Euchre / Bunco Night- Please come out and join everyone for a while!

1st- Fire drill- PM
2nd- Ground Hogs Day
3rd- 5th grade SAC
6th- Archery tournament
11th- Team leader

15th- No school (waived)
16th- SBDM meeting
18th- University meeting
22nd- Monday Meets
27th- Governor's Cup
29th- LEAP Day!!! :)