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November 17, 2014


Tuesday, Nov. 18th

K, 1, 2-PLTs

8:15 PBS tier 1 Meeting

MATH NIGHT 6-7:30 pm

Wednesday, Nov. 19th

Kathy out 3:30-(principals meeting)

Thursday, Nov. 20th

12:30-2:30 Principal's meeting

Early Release Thursday

Friday, Nov. 21st

8:15 Climate Committee Meeting

PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5

PTA sponsored-Creative Arts Academy

Monday, Nov. 24th

Music Programs-4th & 5th grades

Tuesday, Nov. 25th

8:15 BLT Mtg

Wednesday, Nov. 26th....Thanksgiving Vacation!!!


December 1st

Deborah Holmes-walk through @2:15

December 2nd


December 3rd

SPED Meeting

December 4th

J. Haistings-1 hour per grade level

Early Release Thursday

December 5th

PLTs-grades 3, 4,5

December 6TH

PANCAKE BREAKFAST-volunteer sign up sheet in the lounge

December 8th

PTA meeting-6pm

December 9th

PLTs-grades k,1,2

December 10th

fire Drill

December 12th

PLTs-grades 3, 4, 5


Instructional Reminders


Writing on-demand November 18th

Math-Unit 3-November 25th

First Grade
Math Unit 3 - November 21st

Second Grade

Math Unit 3 - November 25th

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Math Pre-assessments and CFAs-

In creating pre-assessments and CFAs remember we need to focus on the standards within the units rather than a specific end of unit assessment item. We do expect each grade level to be creating unit pre-assessments for math. This will lead into data analysis with the 6 Step Data Protocol. Please put the data protocol work in your PLT folders in the shared drive.

Intervention Follow-up

Thank you for your conversations during PLTs this week. Please continue to ensure validity in the data we are collecting. Think about optimal times and environments within the student's day that will increase his/her ability to achieve success.

F&P Assessment
December 1st to December 19th
In order to ensure district fidelity, students should not be assessed outside of this window.

January 5th to January 23rd
In order to ensure district fidelity, students should not be assessed outside of this window.

Upcoming Walk-throughs

Our walk-through focus over the next couple weeks will be on Number Talks and Math Intervention block.

Early Release Thursdays....

November 20th- J. Haistings

In planning for future Early Release sessions, BLT would appreciate you taking the survey attached to this link. Thanks!


Melissa Keating-9th

Rhonda Clark-10th

Leah Sipple-10th

Kara Adams-14th

Kathy D'Anza-14th

Wayne Horne-16th

Maureen Pio-16th

Non-tenured Teachers

Unscheduled observations of non-tenured teachers will soon be occurring.


2nd Grade Math Unit 2:

Pre-test: 29%.....Post Test: 87%

Congratulations Tiffany!

Tiffany was awarded the Roadrunner Superhero book in October. Thank you Tiffany for all you do for our staff and students at Meadowbrook.
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Computers & Computer Lab

Please make sure you ask your class to tidy up the computer lab before leaving. Remind students that this is a shared space for all of our Roadrunner students and staff.

Meadowbrook will receive 5 Mac carts with 30 computers each in the next few months!

Jenny's schedule

Tuesday (11/18), Wednesday (11/19), and Thursday (11/20)

PLTs the week of November 17th

Module #4 - The Many Lenses of Conferring
Recap SMARTER Balanced Assessment students took.

Health Reminders

With the beginning of the flu season, please take a few minutes to remind your students about some of the simple things they can do to stop the spread of germs that make themselves or others sick.

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of illness is through frequent hand washing and proper technique. Proper hand washing technique, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), includes:
-Use soap and running water.
-Rub your hands vigorously as you wash them for 20 seconds.
-Wash all surfaces (including backs of hands, wrists, between fingers and under fingernails).
-Rinse well and leave the water running until after drying your hands.
-Dry hands with a single use towel.
-Turn off faucet using a paper towel.

It is important to wash your hands frequently, including:
Before and after eating.
After using the bathroom.
After blowing your nose.
After coughing or sneezing.
Before you touch your eyes, mouth or nose.
After being in a crowded public space.

Please also remember that in the unfortunate event that you and/or students are exposed to contaminated body fluids, Mr. Rubio is informed and correct procedures are taken to ensure the area is eliminated of all germs.

Please remember if students are ill and need to go home Merritt will call home. Students should not be calling home from the classroom to tell parents they don't feel well. Also, it's important that parents are notified through the nurse's office so they can be given all information. It's not the procedure for teachers to call home/e-mail if a student isn't feeling well.


Sarah would like to give Kimberly a ticket for typing out a list of books that we wanted to get from BookSource.

Tiffany would like to give a ticket to Lorenzo for getting us a new clock. It’s hard to teach time without a working clock!

Tiffany would also like to give a ticket to Laraine for covering my class and Pam’s class on such last minute notice today so we could have PLT!