come and visit this mysterious and beautiful landscape

Activities we recommend

These are some of the activities we recommend for your stay...

1. A penguin watching tour. These are great fun to research and experience the life of one of our favourite friends, penguins. You will get to travel on a small boat through the Southern Ocean looking for penguin colonies, on the way you may spot a whale or a flock of birds. Penguin colonies can be just around the corner and you will be able to get of the boat to walk on the ice with the penguins. You are allowed to take photos but will not be able to touch or make any contact with them.
2.Antarctic Peninsula. The Antarctic Peninsula is mainland Antarctica, so unless you come here and set foot upon it, you have not truly been to Antarctica.Luckily most Antarctic expeditions visit it. It is a beautiful place that makes you feel like a visitor into another world. From the moment you first see the seemingly meringue covered mountain peaks you will be amazed. Once you reach its calm waters you’ll realise the show doesn't stop, incredible icebergs, gigantic glaciers and snow covered mountains add to the show. Curious penguins waddle by and fearless whales and seals pop up occasionally.
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3. Late season is bustling with activity so this trip is focussed on understanding and interacting with the amazing whales, seals and penguins of Antarctica. This is when whales are their most relaxed and curious, so we have several world renowned marine mammal specialists aboard to educate us, and you can and even help with some of their research. This is also the perfect time for incredible Antarctic sunrises and sunsets.