Job Description

Biotechnologists develop products from living systems. Biotechnology commonly refers to genetically derived materials, but can also refer to developments based in microbiology, molecular biology and cell biology. Biotechnologists work within several different industries including agriculture, food manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Tasks and Duties

Job duties vary significantly depending on the researcher's specialty. Researchers in organizations that obtain funding through grants plan and implement studies. They may also prepare proposals to obtain funding. After the project is funded, the researcher manages the project to meet grant requirements. Researchers who work in industry may also prepare project proposals for senior executives to approve.

Education and Training

Doctoral Degree: Occupations at this level generally require a Ph.D. or other doctoral degree. Completion of the degree program usually requires at least 3 years of full-time equivalent academic work beyond the bachelor's degree.


Their starting salary is usually 34,764.22 per year. It is relevant to the world because they find out things about food, agriculture, and humans that nobody knew before.