Mobile Learning Apps

Useful apps for Elementary!


Duolingo contains a variety of lessons in the form of games and other activities to help users learn a language. Includes text, auditory and translational components to appeal to a variety of different learning styes. The app has been proven to be as effective as taking a university language course but offers the added benefits of cost and being able to learn anytime, anywhere. The languages available on the app include English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. This app could be used at various levels and under multiple circumstances. Both older students learning a new language (for example in a French or Spanish high school classroom) or young students in Language Arts learning to read and write, could use this app throughout lessons or to assist them with homework. Another example of how this app could be used with elementary students is for those learning English as a second language, as this tool is a great way to enhance their learning and overcome barriers in the classroom.


SpellingCity is an interactive app to learn about spelling, vocabulary, grammar and writing for elementary students. The app has a variety of different activities including spelling and vocabulary tests, options to hear the words out loud and in a sentence, and various games to help the students learn. The app comes in two forms, a free or paid version, both with a number of activities. There are also pre-recorded word lists available on the app, or teachers can create their own account and provide their own lists to fit within their lessons. This is a great feature of this app as it can be customized for themes, units, or individual students needs and interests throughout the year as another means of practice. Students could easily use this app within the classroom on their own devices, through various learning centres, or all together on an Interactive Whiteboard. SpellingCity offers opportunities to learn through text, speech, visual and auditory means to appeal to as many students as possible. An example of how I would use this app is in a grade 1 or 2 classroom to assign practice for homework and using the games as a fun class activity on the Whiteboard.

BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

These apps offer a new video and quiz with additional information every week to students. It covers a wide range of topics including Science, Math, Reading, Writing, Health, Technology, and Art. The weekly videos are great for fun facts and expanding students knowledge but all of the videos can be accessed at any point in time as well, making it a great resource for classrooms when dealing with specific topics. The app is available in two versions; one specialized for K to 3 and another for 3 to 8, making it very versatile. In the Junior version, two animated characters act as “guides” who engage the users and help them develop critical thinking strategies. Other great features of the app is that it can be used by both visually impaired and hearing impaired students (through closed captions), is also available in other languages and in a version directed to ESL students. An example of classroom use would be to include the videos, games, and quizzes as a review in many of the different topics and subjects within the classroom.


Socrative allows teachers to poll and quiz their students. The app can be used in real time to ask students questions or can be used to provide them with quizzes that they can compete on their own. A great application of this app in the classroom would involve having the teacher ask the students multiple choice or true and false questions and having each student respond using their own mobile device. The teachers can then see the answers as they come in, see if the students understand the concept, and see what particular areas the students are struggling in. This app enables teachers to pinpoint misunderstandings efficiently and before exams.


This app provides math and language games that involve students having to work through various levels in order to win badges. Students can play and work on skills alone or compete with other classmates. Other great features include tools that allow for teachers to track their students progress, a wide variety of activities that can be used from grades 1 to 5, and allows for customized options to promote differentiated learning. This app could be used in any of these grades and enhances both mathematical and language skills. The potential competitive aspects of the app offer endless opportunities for providing motivation to kids. The app could be used between students in the class or even to set up competitions between different classes and schools to motivate learners.

Scribble My Story

This app allows students to create, read, and share their stories with teachers and parents. The app comes with 6 packages that include stories the students can customize, as well as one package that allows them to create and record their own story. There are also 12 more packages available for $0.99 each which allows for more specific themes such as holidays and fairy tales for teachers to incorporate into their lessons. In the classroom this app is great for creative writing in the younger grades, allows for technology to be incorporated, allows students to follow allow with a pre-recorded story or record their own and for stories to be shared with parents.

Everything Apps for the K12 Educator

The below video contains some great information about the benefits of mobile apps and gives more examples!
Everything Apps for the K12 Educator