My Ecological Footprint

Jonathan G

Honey Badger

Your true friends know they always can call on you to scare away lions or fight a king cobra.
I think the reason I might be this animal is because I like to eat meat and sometimes i don't care about nothing just myself. The other reason is that my friends can count on me for anything like fighting though.
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Ecological Footprint Meaning:

  1. The impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources.

What does your specific Ecological Footprint show?

My specific Ecologic Footprint shows the impact on the environment. It shows our life style, and how you live or stuff you do that impact the Environment. Plus it shows a lot of things that you do or did or how you live in your own way, so it shows a lot of things that are really interesting things.


The Categories on the picture it shows the things that my footprint shows are a lot because I use a lot of services. The less is shelter and the other one that I think it has a little bit more then the other ones is the goods.
The changes I could make some changes like use less energy and change the way I use the energy. Because almost all my stuff is wasted on the energy land so that means I have to use less power and maybe plant some solar panels to reduce the use of electricity.I probably would crop more stuff and plant some more things.