Mrs. Adie's Art Room

Studio Art 8

February Newsletter

We are officially halfway through the year and February begins the third marking period. As students begin to schedule their high school classes, I hope to see all of our talented artists move on to Drawing. If you have any questions about the art classes at the high school, please contact me anytime.

-Kerry Adie

Animal Sculptures & Drawings

This month students are painting their ceramic animal sculptures and will begin a drawing of an animal of their choice. They can find a photo of their favorite animal or bring in a photo of a pet. Students will be using the grid method to help them draw the correct proportions.

Artist of the Month

David Cohen

Each month the art department picks out a student creation to display in the HSA Artist Spotlight showcase outside of the guidance office. The artist of the month for February is David Cohen from our 8th grade studio art class. Congratulations David!

Title: Leaves

Media: Linoleum Prints

Description: "My inspiration for this work was thinking about the summer and manipulating the colors of a regular green leaf to have variety. The work communicates the idea that an object can stay the same but changing the color will change a special aspect of the leaf. I used linoleum cutters and ink to create this work." -David

David's Art Gallery

Student Art Gallery

Student artwork is showcased on Artsonia, the world's largest online student art museum. Parent permission is required before artwork can be viewed. Permission slips were sent home with students are the beginning of the year and parents can use the permission slips to sign up at home or return it to Mrs. Adie. Or you can give your permission via email to Mrs. Adie at

Art Club

Art Club is open to all seventh and eighth grade students and meets on Wednesdays afternoons during the activity period. Students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of art media, perfect their art skills, expand their art knowledge, and interact with peers who have similar interests.

Teacher Bio

I am a visual arts teacher at the middle and high school where I teach students in grades 7th-12th. I am a graduate of the College of St. Rose and this begins my 13th year in the district. I also offer art club at the middle school. As an artist, I enjoy drawing and painting.