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Dealing with clients that don’t speak English

We’ve all been through it, we have a new client secured, we do business on a global platform and maybe through a third party that does speak English. But, one day, you get the call and your personal assistant says those words that you dread—“There’s someone from company X and they don’t speak English”.

Well, how does that happen? Shouldn’t you know who you’re doing business with? And why would you choose to search for business with non-English-speaking clients? Ah, but, this can happen for a variety of reasons in a global economy. You may be dealing with overseas suppliers or banks and other legal or financial services attached to that company. Bottom-line, translation servicesor interpreting service scan be warranted at any time regardless of the size of the company or the business they do.

Some issues you may run into

The three things risked by not being able to speak directly to your client without translation services in the UK

  1. Accuracy: This is the simplest and most obvious thing. This will cause misinterpretation of any legally-binding contract with the client. A legally binding contract is anything you agreed to in price and services. You don’t want a client feeling ripped off because they misinterpreted a price or how you would execute a service. This can also cause you legal issues and lawsuits as well as loss of reputation
  2. Independent Agenda: In short, you don’t want the fact that you don’t speak their language to be used as a window for dubious opportunity. It’s best that you have your own translation services in the UK and not depend on the clients’ translators
  3. Confidentiality Breach: This can be caused when we use unofficial translators and not an official translator to interpret the details of a meeting, contract or legal proceedings.

When you hire official translation services you hire the security and accountability of a professional company. Good interpretation services are accountable for who they hire and who they send to you. At least in this case, you have recourse. The best of these services have the ability to translate any meetings for business with new clients to legal and immigration hearings, depositions and more.

Professional translation and interpretation benefits

The benefits of hiring a professional company is that you don’t have to probe the interpreter you may be forced to deal with by the company you are doing business in. You don’t have to worry about loyalty, or previously formed opinions; if they know everyone involved or have a relationship that may be a conflict of interest. Bottom-line: when you hire a professional translation company you have less chance of costly repercussion that could take years to resolve.

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