Ariana - Neptune.

My planet is an outer planet .

Symbol of Neptune

It`s looks like the trident of king of the sea.
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How Neptune got its name.

He was only the god of the sea, to include the sea when he became associeted with the Greek god Posein .

Who discovered Neptune

It was discovered by Johann Galle and Meinrich danest.

What Neptune looks like

It looks like a big ball of water.

Distances of Neptune

Order from the sun:


Distance from the sun in AU:


in km:

2,794 km

Distance from the Earth in AU:

in km:4.7. billion km

Orbit and Rotate of Neptune.

Number of days to orbit around the sun:

60,190 days.

Length of one day (number of hours in one day): 17 hours.

Water forms on Neptune.

There not water outside but there is water inside.

Weather on Neptune.

The weather in neptune is really stormy.

Moons on Neptune.

Neptune has 13 moons, the names of the moons are: Despina,Galatea,Halimede, Law medeia.

Exploration to Neptune.

Anyone has discovered Neptune.

Human colony on MY PLANET

I thing that a human colony will not survive because is really stormy .

The picture of Neptune.

It`s a very deep blue .
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Atmosphere and Temperature of Neptune.

The atmosphere of my planet contains hydrogen,helium, and methane. The tempeture of my planet is (-184 degrees C) and (-376 degrees F)