Generals eNews

Special Parent Edition

Principal's Message

Hello Generals!

We successfully completed week 1 of Digital Learning Days! Our teachers worked hard from home supporting our students and families to ensure students had engaging lessons and were available to answer questions from students and parents.

I also want to send a special thank you to the Annistown community for supporting the shift from our daily routine to a completely at home learning environment. We could not be more proud of our teachers, students, parents and the entire Annistown community as we strive for excellence during these challenging times.

We will begin week 2 of digital learning Monday, March 23, 2020. Be sure to check in with your student(s) periodically to ensure they are logging in to eClass and keeping up with the assigned tasks. Digital Learning Days are school days that will not be made up. The learning and work students are completing are very important. If there is limited access to computers at home, or if siblings are sharing a computer, please email the teachers and let them know. Lessons will be recorded and students can watch them later when a computer is available or an alternate means of completing the work can be discussed. Teachers are also available to meet with you remotely via video conferencing for assistance.

Our teachers and administrators are meeting regularly through video conferencing to address concerns and challenges as well as solutions for helping students continue learning at high levels. Any changes or updates will be communicated via email from our district or the school. We will also post updates on our website and social media pages.

As we continue with digital learning, please be reminded that we may experience slower response times in eClass. As I stated previously, there are a great number of schools and colleges that use the same digital learning platform. Often, logging out and waiting a few minutes before returning will improve the speed. We appreciate your patience and your work to keep teaching and learning going for our students.

We will continue meal service next week. Locations and pick up times will remain the same. Our bus delivery will continue beginning at 11:00. Families can also pick up meals at Annistown beginning at 11:00 - 1:00.

As always, thank you for you continued support and flexibility during these challenging times. It is my hope that you all remain safe and healthy.

Generals Salute,

Gwenda Nimmo - Smith

Daily Home Learning Schedule

It is important for students to have consistency during each day of home learning to maximize learning. Students have a set school schedule. Schedules are good for children so they know what to expect each day. Teachers refer to this as the agenda for the day. An example of a daily schedule is included. Use this as a guide to develop a schedule for your child. Feel free to speak with you child's teacher or call the school if you have questions or concerns.

A few reminders...

As we continue digital learning, please see a few reminders to help make this process successful.

  1. A Place to Learn - identify a place where students complete their assignments. Students need a desk or table where they can focus on their assignments and listen to the instruction of their teacher.
  2. Allow for recess/brain breaks - give students time to play outside or play a game throughout the day. Breaks should include movement and activity. Watching TV does not provide the right stimulus to activate the brain.
  3. Limit conversations or information about the pandemic - Many students are too young to process the information and will show signs of stress and anxiety.
  4. Email the teacher - If your child needs assistance or if you have a concern about an assignments or lesson, please email the teacher. They will be able to help you and your child directly.
  5. Daily Check In - This is a great time to dialogue with your child about the work being completed. Ask you child what they are working on , checking that they have completed each task.
  6. Don't let frustration keep students from completing tasks online. If the platform is running slow, take a break and return later. Your child can read a book or write about their day.
  7. Remember, packets are for those students that do not have a device or internet access. If you have difficulty navigating the platform, please reach our to your child's teacher first. Teachers are actively monitoring their pages daily from 9:00 - 2:00.